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Our blog is filled with actionable insights on collaboration as well as practical approaches to implement these insights within organizations.

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The Profile of a Resilient Leader

The Profile of a Resilient Leader

We are in times of change, and recently, I had a conversation about what makes a resilient leader.

Three Best Practices For Solving Employee ...

Article originally published for Forbes Business Council and reprinted with permission. Today’s workforce is more..

Time is Precious, Stop Wasting it in Bad Meetings

I’ve written before on the good and bad of meetings. You know, corporate America’s favorite pastime. So, I thought I’d..

IA Chat: Women in the Workplace

In this edition of Interaction Associates Chat, a group of IAers got together on a Microsoft Teamschat to discuss what..

What a Career in Education Taught Me About ...

Every year, we unwrap a new gift - an opportunity to set a new cadence for our lives, build shiny new habits, and give..

IA Chat: Managing Stress & Maintaining Your ...

In this edition of Interaction Associates Chat, a group of IA leaders got together on a Microsoft Teamschat to discuss..

Why Facilitation is the New Required Skill

Three tasks stood out from my to-do list this week. The first was a “beginning of the year pep talk” meeting with my..

3 Strategies for Receiving Constructive Feedback

Receiving feedback. While a net positive and necessary aspect of a successful workplace, it can also be the most..

Tips for End of Year Reviews & Goal Setting

In this edition of Interaction Associates Chat, a group of IA leaders got together on a Microsoft Teams chat to discuss..

Ask IA: What Am I Missing in Onboarding?

My company has grown significantly over the last few years. We went from an organization of just under 100 to over 300..

Lessons Learned from 'The Great Resignation'

Recently while watching the NFL playoffs, I noticed an interesting advertising trend. Interspersed with countless ads..

Build More Adaptable Leaders

We’ve entered the 3rd year of the COVID pandemic. Like the first two, we don’t know what’s coming next. Barry Rosen, IA..

Can’t We All Get Along? Moving Beyond Either-Or ...

From chatrooms to classrooms, the idea of we’re in this together is increasingly absent from America’s socio-political..

Take a Stand for Democracy

A message from Interaction Associates CEO, Barry Rosen

How to Make Collaboration Work

“Collaboration is a nice idea, but ________.” Fill in the blank.

7 Practices of an Effective Leader

As a Director of Client Solutions at Interaction Associates, I hear a lot of stories from individuals about their..

What Baking Taught Me About Running Effective ...

April 10, 2020. I was supposed to be a few days into a relaxing vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico but was instead in..

Unlocking Interactions with Purpose and ...

Our lives are becoming more complex and busier than ever. We live in a world of pings and chimes, which signal more..

One Year In...What I've Learned in Quarantine

One year ago, many of us were thrown into a new way of life. We shifted, adjusted, and found our new norm. We may not..

Character of a Collaborative Leader

In more than thirty-five years of leading, coaching, and reflecting on leadership, I have observed that the quality of..

Six Insights from Working Together Across ...

Interaction Associates and Vantage Partners hosted The New Norm: Working Together Across Distances & Differences on..

Tackling Your To Do List

It’s the beginning of my work day in a new year and I’m once again face-to-face with my to do list. I must have been..

Abraham Lincoln and the Collaborative Leader's ...

When circumstances call for bold, decisive action, collaborative leaders face a dilemma. How do they get the right..

How Are You Thinking Today?

While scientists frantically work to find a safe, effective vaccine for Covid-19, I’m focused on boosting our immunity..

Solutions to Tough Team Challenges

After a past webinar, we surveyed the participants. Our question: What is your current top team challenge? We received..

Don’t Be Silent - Have The Conversation

When COVID-19 began creeping into the Boston area, my husband and I took steps that seemed right to protect our family...

Fully Remote: Challenges and Opportunities

As our workplaces and world have become upended due to COVID-19 in the past few weeks, we are faced with significant..

Pixar Magic for the Rest of Us: Making Candor a ...

In the summer of 2015, Pixar had another breakaway box office hit with "Inside Out." The animated movie tells the story..

Stay Connected When Working from Home

If you’re new to working from home or now have more virtual co-workers due to COVID-19 travel restrictions and social..

5 Steps to Giving Productive Feedback

Giving productive feedback is crucial in having a collaborative environment. However, the thought of giving feedback..

Today from IA: We're Better Together

COVID-19 Response from Interaction Associates and CEO Barry Rosen In communities and businesses across the globe,..

How Girl Scouts Taught Me a Better Way to ...

Last September, I watched a group of 4th Grade Girl Scouts select field trip activities for the next school year. They..

Happy 50th to Sesame Street...and Interaction ...

Many amazing things happened in 1969!

Trends: Crack the Collaboration Code

Collaboration is at the heart of most successful human endeavors. I’m referring to work and community-based..

Get Unstuck: 4 Questions for Effective ...

Thirty years of research and practice has led me to a one-sentence conclusion that sums up my approach to..

My Millennial Moment

My whip-smart niece visited me last month. She’s about a year into her first real job and I was curious about her take..

Employee Engagement: How to Tell if People are ...

High employee engagement correlates with better team and organizational performance. Engaged employees help each other..

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast...and what to ...

I come from the country that built the Titanic. The ship was assembled in Belfast, a city in the north of Ireland...

Improve Your Organization's Effectiveness One ...

I saw a cartoon years ago that showed people sitting around a table looking bored and drinking coffee. The caption..

What Google Learned About Teams (and implications ...

Team members at Google are challenged in much the same way as nearly everyone else in corporate life. To get things..

How to Survive a Bad Boss

Most of us have had a bad boss. If you google “bad boss,” you’ll find hundreds of references. They all have one premise..

When Face Time Wasn’t an App

“Face time.” If you were reading hard-copy business magazines twenty years ago, you'll likely remember articles urging..

Leveraging Diversity: From Awareness to ...

Diversity is more than the inherent traits we’re born with: sexual orientation, gender, and ethnicity. Diversity also..

Convening People Who Work Remotely

Since 2015, I’ve worked as a remote employee for Interaction Associates. For me, it’s been great. Working from home has..

How to Develop Millennials: Delegate More (with ...

On a flight home from a recent client engagement, I overheard a conversation between two Millennials sitting in the row..

Crafting Better Questions to Get a Better Answer

I’m in the business of helping people ask better questions. I shouldn’t be surprised, then, when someone asks me, “What..

M&A Integration: The Case for Collaboration

Corporations who grow through acquisitions go to great lengths to make deals happen. This blog focuses on the role of..

Problem Behaviors in Your Meeting Infographic

We've all been a part of or led difficult meetings. We've collected common problem behaviors we face in meetings and..