Action Accelerators™

Develop essential skills for virtual collaboration in short, instructor-led sessions online. 

 Help your leaders engage a distributed workforce. Give virtual team members the skills and tools to stay connected, productive, and accountable from home and across distances and differences.


How Action Accelerators™ Work

An Action Accelerator™ is comprised of two 120-minute online sessions. Participants are provided guidelines for applying the target skills in the period between sessions to allow them to fully absorb the lessons and integrate the techniques into their work routines. For a breakdown of the steps, scroll down or click here.

Topics and Skills Covered

Action Accelerators™ tackles common and nagging challenges facing leaders and team members who work remotely: leading online meetings, giving feedback, reconciling differences, and presenting online. This virtual training session focuses on the necessary skills for leaders to effectively manage their team from afar, maintain group cohesion, and high levels of productivity. Scroll down for a complete list of topics or click here.


Skills for Working Better Together Across Distances and Differences

Scattered work arrangements make it difficult for teams to communicate and collaborate, giving rise to various problems and issues that affect the group’s performance. The members and leader of the team need specific hard and soft skills to achieve productive remote collaboration.

Interaction Associates offers Action Accelerators™ for team leaders, members, and managers. These learning sessions will help workers adapt to a remote working arrangement by teaching efficient practices and techniques. Session graduates learn and practice key skills to foster greater accountability, more transparency, effective work habits, and improved overall performance of the group.

Action Accelerators help teams handle disagreements, resolve conflicts, provide constructive feedback in a healthy manner, and maintain positive relationships within the group.

A pioneer of collaborative problem-solving in the business world, Interaction Associates offers companies tried-and-true knowledge and techniques that let you unlock the full potential of your people. Your team will learn the Interaction Method™, a decision-making approach used by many of the world’s top organizations that is proven to help groups make well-informed, collaborative actions.


Learning Journey



Step 1

Complete self-paced orientation and pre-work


Step 2

Attend first session where instructor presents frameworks, tool, and provides demonstrations.


Step 3

Practice at Work

Return to work with an interim assignment to apply what you’ve learned.


Step 4

Learn & Apply

Attend the second session, share your experience, receive feedback and coaching from the IA coach and your peers. Demonstrate your skill and make an action plan.

Short Descriptions

Action Accelerators™

A complete list of our Action Accelerators™. To view an individual program, click on the title. If you'd like to download a summary of all the programs, click here.

Lead with Purpose & Empathy™
Learn how successful leaders connect with virtual team members, increase psychological safety, foster personal accountability, and share responsibility for success

Really Listen & Understand People™
Techniques for hearing and understanding people more accurately, appreciating alternative points of view, and encouraging honest communication

Engage Everyone in Hybrid Meetings™
Facilitative techniques for focusing attention, including everyone, generating ideas, and noting ideas on a common visual display

Build Trust & Rapport in the Virtual Workplace™
Ways to assemble the building blocks of trust when working in different locations: dependability, values congruence, transparency, competence, and focused intention

Raise & Address Difficult Subjects™
Techniques for initiating difficult conversations, helping colleagues say what’s on their minds, and developing team norms for addressing hard topics

Give Feedback from a Distance™
Learn how to observe others’ actions and behaviors from a distance in order to (a) provide constructive feedback, and (b) support virtual colleagues in responding to a request for a change in their behavior.

Tame the Online Meeting Monster™
Techniques for planning the meeting, keeping people on track, building agreements, and completing with clear and practical action plans

Present Online with Confidence™
Techniques to engage and command the attention of listeners by using compelling messages, attractive visuals, and vocal variety

Influence Stakeholders from a Distance™
Techniques for shaping the opinions and behavior of people whose support we want, but over whom we may have little authority

Ask Better Questions & Get Better Solutions™
Ways to spot biased and limiting questions (mental quicksand) and to fashion questions, problem definitions, and opportunity statements that hit the mark

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