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We help leaders engage people to make sound decisions and take concerted action. Along the way, we show you how to apply The Interaction Method™, a proven approach for collaborating better with any group of people, at any time, and in any place. 


Skills Training

Better ways to lead and collaborate. 

Over 1 million people have graduated from Interaction Associates' programs on collaborative leadership, inclusive teams, meeting facilitation, and strategic thinking. Our proven strategy: relevant content, trainers who demonstrate as they teach, a collaborative learning journey, and shared responsibility for success.

Our programs are delivered by certified instructors at your site, online, or with an in-person and online blend. We offer short courses that address a key issue or skill. We certify learning leaders at your company to train several of our programs and short courses.

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Organization Consulting

Engage the right people, at the right time, in better ways. 

In most cases, that strategy leads to the best results. Interaction Associates provides expert process consulting in four situations that require people to work together better:

  • Collaborative change management
  • Cross-functional team effectiveness
  • Executive team building
  • Strategy alignment & execution

The people in the situation know what's going on. Leaders generally know where they want to go. IA consultants help leaders and teams hone that analysis and vision, build a realistic plan to get there, and engage all stakeholders in sharing responsibility for success.

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Leadership Coaching

Bigger Strides. More Positive Impact. 

You are a leader and/or someone who is responsible for developing leaders. You know that coaching can be very effective for improving performance, developing a good habit, increasing self-awareness, and launching new leaders and initiatives.  

With an Interaction Associates' Leadership Coach, clients imagine what success will look like in a variety of situations, set goals, and develop an action plan for honing strengths and making headway. Coaches and their clients meet regularly to reflect on the client's experience, acknowledge successes and setbacks, and agree on actions for making more progress.

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Meeting Facilitation

High stakes meetings. Leave the driving to us.

Every year, dozens of leaders ask Interaction Associates for advice and support in designing and facilitating key meetings: strategic alignment sessions, planning off-sites, and team launches.

We help you assess the situation and understand stakeholder interests. Together, we craft desired outcomes for the meeting and build a process agenda. At the meeting, you focus on the content and leave the driving to us.

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