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Managing With Impact

Empower People in Everyday Conversations

Master the Moments that Make a Difference

Learn a science-based conversation model for increasing accountability and accelerating performance.

Build Rapport and Trust
Participants learn how to guide performance and development conversations – set expectations, assess progress, give feedback, glean insights, and identify growth opportunities.

Improve Problem-Solving & Inspire Initiative
When supervisors use the tools and collaborative behaviors taught in this program, employees will show improvements in sustaining focus, using their talent, and producing results.  

Encourage Learning & Enjoyment at Work
Continuous use of program tools establishes simple norms for purposeful conversations, increases resourcefulness, and fosters shared responsibility for success.

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Identify the Top 20%. Develop Them to Bring Out the Best in the 80%


High Potential

People with natural talent for management. Give them tools & encouragement.


Moderate Potential

Little natural aptitude but are motivated to manage. Give them tools, practice & coaching.


Low Potential (for Management)

People not cut out for management. Help them thrive by giving them great managers.

Hundreds of companies have entrusted IA to develop their frontline leaders.

How Participants Learn

Live | In Classroom
Interaction Associates' Trainers lead this 2-day program at your site. You can also certify internal trainers to teach Managing with Impact™ to your frontline managers and project leaders.

Live Online | Virtual Instructor-Led
Highly interactive, online training for frontline leaders who manage people at remote locations. Six 120-minute sessions. 

Custom Blend | Combination live classroom, VILT & Asynchronous
With your requirements, we tailor a blended learning journey for frontline leaders who manage people in the same office and at remote locations.

Download Program Overview

Managing with Impact: Upcoming Public Workshops

There are no public workshops scheduled at this time for this event. Check out our full list of events here or contact us to bring this into your organization.

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Manager-employee conversations are gateways (or bottlenecks) to productive and enjoyable work.

Might your managers benefit from learning some best practices? Tell us your situation. We'll provide you with suggestions based on our clients' successes.