Teams in Action

Build Inclusive, High-Performing Work Groups*

Learn to operate as an effective team leader or team member.

Improve Collaboration Skills 
Team leaders and members learn essential team skills — how to solve problems together, build consensus, reconcile differences, take concerted action, and exchange feedback.

Establish Positive Teamwork Routines
Participants learn the Five Attributes of a Successful Team: shared and meaningful purpose, specific and challenging goals, clear roles and decision-making, common and collaborative approach, and complementary skills.

Build a Process Improvement Discipline
By honing the Five Attributes, teams are more proactive, agile, and consciously collaborative. They have fewer breakdowns and more successes. Team members learn to work better across cross-functions, take calculated risks, and share responsibility for leadership.

* Supplemental or stand-alone modules for senior leaders who sponsor team – Team Sponsorship focuses on launching teams and supporting them on their pathway.

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Hundreds of organizations have trusted Interaction Associates to develop the skills of team leaders and members. Here are a few examples.

How Participants Learn

Live | In Classroom
Interaction Associates' Trainers lead the one or two day program at your site. You can also certify internal trainers to teach Successful Teams-in-Action™ to your team leaders and members.

Custom Blend | Combination live classroom, VILT & Asynchronous 
With your requirements, we tailor a blended learning journey for team leaders and members in the same office and at remote locations.

Team Workout
Using the models, tools and techniques in the program, an Interaction Associates' consultant will guide an intact team through a self-assessment and reinvigoration process. 

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