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Our blog is filled with actionable insights on collaboration as well as practical approaches to implement these insights within organizations.

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Collaboration | Virtual Working | Meetings

“Face time.” If you were reading hard-copy business magazines twenty years ago, you'll likely remember articles urging you to actively seek out and spend quality, one-on-one “face time” with your manager or employees. It’s a fact: collaborative conversations and personal feedback sessions were vitally important between boss and employee, and among team members and colleagues, to build strong relationships in the workplace.

Blog Feature

Collaboration | Virtual Working

Since 2015, I’ve worked as a remote employee for Interaction Associates.  For me, it’s been great. Working from home has also given me added time to be with my family, which is a tremendous perk for a new parent. Flexible work arrangements and technology are quickly shifting where work can be accomplished, altering the typical nine-to-five workday, and rapidly transforming the physical workspace, e.g., hoteling and hybrid workplaces.