Leadership Coaching

Conversations that lead to broader perspective, more confidence, and better performance

Leadership coaching is a powerful, but often underutilized, approach that helps organization’s rapidly develop next generation leaders. By providing high potential leaders targeted coaching, you allow for mindset and skillset shifts which can lead to incredible business results.

Developmental Coaching

Make Big Strides and Positive Impact 

You want to develop a key skillset and mindset required for your role. You want to get direct feedback and suggestions along the way.

For example: "I want to be a more effective leader of distributed teams.”

Coaching may or may not supplement other development activities like classroom instruction, mentoring, and self-paced learning. But leadership coaching are essential for a business eager to grow. You’ll need strong leaders to direct the path of your team towards success.

With an Interaction Associates' Leadership Coach, you’ll imagine what success will look like in a variety of situations, set goals, and develop an action plan for building your awareness and capability. You’ll then meet with your coach regularly to reflect on your experience and advance your progress.

Developmental coaching can take place one-on-one or in groups of up to four peers. A typical development coaching cycle occurs over 3 to 6 months with 10 coaching sessions and online interaction.

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Remedial Coaching

Change an Ineffective Behavioral Dynamic

Something is not working. Your approach or behavior may be part of the problem. You want to make discernible improvements in this area within the next one to three months.

For example: “I've gotten feedback from HR that some of my direct reports feel threatened when they meet with me. I want to get better at providing direction and exchanging feedback in a way that feels supportive, not critical."

Classroom training isn’t the right learning vehicle for you. You’d like direct, one-to-one support.

Remedial Coaching services from Interaction Associates will help you change a habit or adjust an interpersonal dynamic so you can get back to doing what you do best.*

*Remedial coaching is not psychotherapy or counseling. Coaches focus on adjusting strategies and behaviors for improving collaboration and productivity.

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Legacy Coaching

Build a Home for Your Ideas and Creations

You've dedicated yourself to realizing a mission at work. Within the next year or two, you’ll make your next career move or leave the day-to-day work world altogether.

You’d like to see your creations survive and thrive after you depart, at least for a while.

For example: "I've led this group for 8 years. I want the performance culture we built to survive and thrive when I move on."

Legacy Coaching is an insight-to-action process that helps you achieve your goal of making a lasting contribution.

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Brief-Situational Coaching

Make a Thoughtful Decision Soon

A situation has been brewing for a while or just came upon you. You’re not sure you have the right answer. You wonder if you’re asking yourself the right questions. You can’t defer a decision. You have to act within the next week, a month at the outside.

Brief-Situational Coaching helps you address one specific or urgent issue.

For example: “My geographically dispersed team members aren’t being helpful or accountable to each other."

Talking it through with an experienced coach may help you break a logjam.

We'll help you define and  address your situation over the course of 2 to 4 sessions.

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