5 Steps to Giving Productive Feedback

Leadership | Collaboration

Giving productive feedback is crucial in having a collaborative environment. However, the thought of giving feedback tends to initiate knots in our stomachs and a whirlwind of emotions. We're afraid we'll say the wrong thing or what we say might be misinterpreted. Maybe they will have a negative reaction and it'll ruin the working relationship. This shouldn't stop us from providing valuable feedback to colleagues.

IA has compiled five steps to providing productive feedback based off practices we teach in our programs. 


You can download the full image here.


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About Barry Rosen

The CEO of Interaction Associates, Barry consults with company leaders on how to empower people and teams to work across functions and other boundaries to get important things done. He leads the assembly of IA's collaboration tools and learning content, including programs on facilitative leadership, inclusive teams, and task-focused group facilitation.