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Facilitative Leadership®

Tap the Power of Participation and Engagement

Develop Strong Leadership Skills

Facilitative Leadership® program explores the relationship between leadership and participation and offers a proven method for turning obstacles into opportunities. We provide Seven Leadership Practices which provide a framework for improving the effectiveness of team, project, and organizational leaders.


Inspire people and teams to do their best, and then some.

Learn seven practices for setting direction, engaging stakeholders, and sharing responsibility for success.

Increase Meaningful Inclusion
Participants learn how to generate participation from diverse perspectives and lead discussions that stimulate honest dialogue with practical outcomes.

Accelerate Sound Decision Making & Execution
Consistent application of skills improves strategic thinking in groups and reduces the time it takes to make and implement informed decisions.

Improve Results, Processes, & Relationships
When leaders demonstrate collaborative behaviors, people feel more included and confident. They emulate the behaviors. Positive outcomes occur across the three dimensions of success.

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“The skills I learned in Facilitative Leadership® help me lead my team and coach other leaders on a daily basis. My meetings are much better, and I've improved the way I build agreement, manage performance, and delegate responsibility.”
- General Manager, CWFC

Chief HR and Learning Officers in leading companies have trusted IA to help build their cadres of collaborative leaders.

How Participants Learn

Live | In Classroom
IA Learning Leaders deliver the two or three day program at your site. You can also certify your own trainers to teach Facilitative Leadership® to people managers and project leaders.

Live Online | Virtual Instructor-Led
Highly interactive online training experience particularly useful for managers who also lead distributed teams. Six to eight 90-minute sessions.

Custom Blend | Combination live classroom, VILT & Asynchronous
Tailor a blended learning journey for a target population of leaders to match their needs and time constraints.

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Leading collaboration is an essential competence for managers today.

Interaction Associates has trained over 250,000 leaders in Facilitative Leadership's Seven Practices for empowering people to work together to reach a common goal.

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