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The Interaction Method

Senior Consultant, Beth Yates speaks about the Interaction Method™.

Facilitative Leadership®

IA CEO, Barry Rosen speaks about Facilitative Leadership®.

Virtual Facilitation

IA's Director of Operations, Chris Williams, speaks about how IA helps professionals facilitate virtual meetings.

Asking Better Questions

Senior Consultant, Jay Cone speaks about how to ask better questions to get a better, more actionable, answer.

Productive Disagreement

Senior Consultant, Beth O'Neill speaks about why it's okay to disagree and how to do so in a productive manner.

Values Mission, and Vision

Senior Consultant, Michael Reidy speaks about the importance of an organization's values, mission and vision.

Virtual Learning

IA's Director of Project Management, Eve Keller explains IA's virtual training model and what makes it so different from other online training methods.

Frontline Leadership Development

Director of Client Solutions discusses the importance of developing your frontline leadership.

Developing the Next Generation of Leaders

Director of Client Solutions, Lisa Weaver discusses how to successfully develop the next generation of leaders.

Results Process Relationship

Senior Consultant, Beth O'Neill speaks about the importance of Results, Process and Relationship and how they work together.

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