Essential Facilitation 

Core Skills for Guiding Groups to their Desired Outcomes

Learn The Interaction Method™ and Transform Your Meeting Culture

The Interaction Method™ is a research-based approach for building consensus, reconciling differences, and taking collaborative action.

Facilitate High-Stakes Meetings
Learn facilitation techniques for high-stakes meetings. Learn how to guide groups whose members may have widely divergent backgrounds and views to successful outcomes.

Improve Performance Across Three Dimensions
When meeting leaders and facilitators apply The Interaction Method, groups produce better results, improve work processes, and build stronger relationships.

Build A More Collaborative Culture
Our facilitation workshops are also powerful tools for effective culture building. Our results demonstrate when people utilize the Interaction Method in meetings, the organization adopts a common collaborative language and a set of effective meeting routines. The results: less wasted time, shared responsibility, and more productive meetings.

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Tired of Unproductive Meetings?

The most productive and effective meetings have good facilitators to thank. Productive facilitators discuss the agenda, cut through diversionary and time-wasting tactics, and resolve conflict — all in one meeting.

Reduce the instances of unproductive meetings with Interaction Associates’ facilitation training. Our Essential Facilitation workshop gives participants a deep set of tools and applied learning experiences to guide the process, broker communication, build agreement, resolve conflict, and transfer capability.  Participants learn the Interaction Method, a facilitated approach for building understanding and agreement among people. 

Interaction Associates methods have been used by hundreds of organizations to make better decisions, generate faster (and better) decisions, and increase creativity and productivity.

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"I can guide senior leaders through a prioritization process with skills I learned in Essential Facilitation. I'm more confident in combining my experience and charisma with facilitative behaviors to lead complex meetings with many stakeholders."
- Ryan Hull, Mobile Technology Supervisor

Thousands of companies have trusted Interaction Associates to develop their effective meetings culture.

How it's Delivered

Live | In Classroom
IA Program Leaders deliver this in two or three days at your site. You can also certify internal trainers to teach Essential Facilitation™ to your managers, project leaders and HR professionals.

Live Online | Virtual Instructor-Led
Highly interactive online training for project managers and leaders who regularly facilitate online meetings. Practice is specifically geared to the virtual meeting environment. Six to eight 120-minute sessions.

Custom Blend | Combination live classroom, VILT & Asynchronous
Tailor a blended learning journey for target populations of group facilitators and team leaders who regularly facilitate both in-person  & online meetings.

Continuing Education
Graduates of Essential Facilitation™ are eligible to receive up to 24 PDUs for the Project Management Institute.

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Upcoming Essential Facilitation Dates

April 21 - May 3, 2022


Learn a proven method for guiding groups to their desired outcomes in high-stakes meetings, and with people who have diverse backgrounds and points of view. This eight-part series will be delivered via two, 2-hour sessions per week, for 4 weeks. Limited Spots Available

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May 24 - 26, 2022

Boston, MA

Learn a proven method for guiding groups to their desired outcomes in high-stakes meetings, and with people who have diverse backgrounds and points of view. This three day session will be hosted live in-person in downtown Boston, MA. Limited Spots Available.

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1 in 10 employees should have the facilitation skills and confidence to help people work better together in meetings.

To achieve results, effective organizations need skilled leaders who can employ the facilitation skills and confidence to help people work better together.

Meetings are a microcosm of team effectiveness and organization culture and the primary way to build understanding and agreements. Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your meetings can have dramatic impacts on your organization, your people, and your culture.  

IA has taught over 500,000 people globally to lead and facilitate meetings. The top performing organizations in the world trust IA to develop critical facilitation skills within their leaders in order to achieve incredible results.

How can you unleash organizational transformation?