Meeting Facilitation Services

Improve the outcomes of your High-Stakes Meetings by working with one of our experienced group facilitators.

What's at Stake?

Here's the situation. The results of an upcoming meeting will significantly influence the future of an initiative or key results area.

Lots of people have a stake in the outcome. You want to give this meeting your best shot.

We can help you make that shot count.  Keep reading to see how.

Step 1

1. Set your meeting up for success.

Every year, dozens of leaders ask Interaction Associates for advice and support in designing and facilitating key meetings: strategic alignment sessions, planning off-sites, and team launches.

We help you assess the situation and understand stakeholder interests. Then we work together to plan the meeting and build an agenda.

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Step 2

2. Engage everyone while keeping the meeting focused and on track.

With so much on the line, meeting attendees raise new issues or spend time rehashing history.  Some attendees don’t say what’s on their mind.

Our experienced facilitators encourage participation, acknowledge everyone’s contributions, and guide the discussion to shared understandings and agreements.

We’ll explain the process strategies and techniques along the way so group members can take more responsibility for success.  

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Step 3

3. Navigate the group through conflict and difficult situations.

Life often doesn’t unfold as planned. The same goes for high-stakes meetings. Disruptive information emerges at inopportune moments. Stylistic and substantive differences hijack the process.

Our experienced facilitators understand group dynamics. They uncover kernels of agreement in a bushel of disagreement. In the course of defining and reconciling differences, group members fashion creative solutions.

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Step 4

4. Achieve your desired outcomes and exceed everyone's expectations!

You can measure the success of a meeting in three ways: quality results, a process that engaged everyone, and stronger relationships.

Your group will leave the meeting more than satisfied with your outcomes and primed for collaborative implementation. 

You gave it your best shot. The group will say: “We did it ourselves.”

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