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Strategic Thinking

Skills for Making Sound Business Decisions

Understand the present, imagine your desired future, and think clearly with others about how to get there.

Improve Big-Picture Thinking and Dialogue
Participants learn six strategic thinking skills and ways to engage stakeholders in conversations that yield practical insights, novel opportunities, and options for collaborative action.

Develop Aptitude and Confidence for Dealing with Complexity
With a given challenge, participants work independently and in teams to gather information and identify patterns, uncover biases and reframe problem statements, envision possibilities and decide on how to test their viability.

Advance Key Initiatives and Strategic Intent
Consistent application of the six strategic thinking skills will reduce decision-making cycle-time and enable teams to respond quickly and confidently to changes in the business environment.

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Dozens of organizations have trusted Interaction Associates to teach Strategic Thinking skills to their managers and team leaders. Here are a few examples.

How Participants Learn

Live | In Classroom
Interaction Associates' Trainers lead 1 or 2 day program at your site. You can also certify internal learning leaders to teach Strategic Thinking to your people managers.

Custom Blend | Combination live classroom, VILT & Asynchronous
Using your requirements, we can tailor a blended learning journey for leaders and team members who work together in the same office and at remote locations.

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