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Our blog is filled with actionable insights on collaboration as well as practical approaches to implement these insights within organizations.

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Collaboration | Meetings | Facilitation

I saw a cartoon years ago that showed people sitting around a table looking bored and drinking coffee. The caption read: “Purpose of Today’s Meeting: Avoid Work and Eat Donuts.” I had a chuckle at the time, but also a painful twinge of recognition.

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Collaboration | Virtual Working | Meetings

“Face time.” If you were reading hard-copy business magazines twenty years ago, you'll likely remember articles urging you to actively seek out and spend quality, one-on-one “face time” with your manager or employees. It’s a fact: collaborative conversations and personal feedback sessions were vitally important between boss and employee, and among team members and colleagues, to build strong relationships in the workplace.

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Collaboration | Meetings

We've all been a part of or led difficult meetings. We've collected common problem behaviors we face in meetings and tips on how to deal with them. Use these in your next meeting and see the improvement. You can also download the complete infographic here.