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Time is Precious, Stop Wasting it in Bad Meetings

I’ve written before on the good and bad of meetings. You know, corporate America’s favorite pastime. So, I thought I’d..

What Can Meeting Leaders Learn from AI Prompt ...

Meetings are the backbone of collaboration and decision-making within an organization. They serve to convene the group..

Will AI Eliminate the Need for Meeting ...

A few years ago, I moved into a new home. The home had ‘good bones’ as they say in the real-estate industry. It was..

An Introvert's Survival Guide to Meetings

Years ago in a previous role, I recall sitting in a meeting room (an ACTUAL meeting room, remember those?). There were..

Quiet Quitting: A Generational Discussion

In the first edition of Interaction Associates Chat a group of IAers representing four generations in the workplace got..

Improve Your Meetings with Preventions & ...

“You have no authority here Jackie Weaver!” How to Keep Your Meeting from Going Off the Rails.

Ask IA: How Do I Get Focus Back When Meetings Go ...

As a project manager, I tend to lead 10-20 meetings each week. While I do make an effort to set my meeting up for..

Turn on the Camera: Improve Your Online Meetings ...

It’s Monday morning and you’re kicking off your workday with a team meeting. You open your virtual room but keep the..

The Real Challenge with Hybrid Meetings

For the last two years, the pandemic transformed millions into remote workers and redefined workplace flexibility. As..

4 Ways Facilitators Improve Your Hybrid Meetings

Even as many businesses reopen their facilities and welcome employees back to the office, it’s clear that the future of..

What Baking Taught Me About Running Effective ...

April 10, 2020. I was supposed to be a few days into a relaxing vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico but was instead in..

Unlocking Interactions with Purpose and ...

Our lives are becoming more complex and busier than ever. We live in a world of pings and chimes, which signal more..

Connect People with Meetings that Matter

Meaningful employee engagement was a challenge for most organizations before the pandemic took hold. In 2018, a Gallup..

Football, Mindfulness, and the Benefits of ...

With the support of cardboard fans and recorded cheering, NFL teams are pounding it out on the gridiron. Yes, even..

What to Ask Your Relative Who Voted for the Other ...

Those of us in the United States are now moving from election season to dispute season. Tens of millions of Americans..

IA Recommends: Overcoming Zoom Fatigue

It's 2:00pm and you're on your fourth online meeting of the day. The coffee that got you through the morning has worn..

Are We Done with this Meeting?

As a project manager, I have tons of meetings. I can remember several meetings in my previous organization with clients..

Did You Write That Down?

In 2009, Atul Gawande published the fascinating book The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right, in which he..

Is Anybody Listening

In online meetings today, people are still listening. But what we hear and understand is often not what the speaker..

Why Are We Meeting?

A few years ago, I attended a meeting at my previous company entitled “Marketing Update.” This wasn’t our weekly..

Meet the Online Meeting Monster

The Online Meeting Monster™ sucks valuable time out of your busy day. In the time of COVID when people are worried..

Meeting Roles - Infographic

Meeting roles define who will take responsibility for performing meeting functions. You don't need to use all the..

10 Practices for Online Meetings

Online meetings are the new norm for organizations across the world. Meetings already posed numerous challenges and..

4 Tips to Productive Online Meetings

Picture this, you're in an online meeting and catch yourself checking your email or working on another project, you've..

You Can Have Better Online Meetings

“Meetings are a microcosm of the culture of an organization.” David Straus made that assertion in his seminal 1975..

Today from IA: We're Better Together

COVID-19 Response from Interaction Associates and CEO Barry Rosen In communities and businesses across the globe,..

Improve Your Organization's Effectiveness One ...

I saw a cartoon years ago that showed people sitting around a table looking bored and drinking coffee. The caption..

When Face Time Wasn’t an App

“Face time.” If you were reading hard-copy business magazines twenty years ago, you'll likely remember articles urging..

Problem Behaviors in Your Meeting Infographic

We've all been a part of or led difficult meetings. We've collected common problem behaviors we face in meetings and..