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Step up to 'Water Cooler Wisdom,' the bi-weekly podcast that's redefining office chatter. Tune in for engaging stories, expert insights, and the kind of wisdom that turns every workday into an opportunity for growth and laughter.

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What is this Podcast?

Welcome to "Water Cooler Wisdom" – the bi-weekly podcast that brings the heart of the office to your ears, wherever you are! 🎧 Every other week, we dive into the buzz of the workplace, offering productivity hacks, team-building insights, and tales that resonate with anyone who's ever set foot in an office or logged in from home.

Together, let's turn the ordinary office banter into extraordinary insights and shared experiences.

Join us and make every moment as enriching as those around the water cooler – no matter where you are! 

Keep scrolling to meet the hosts and preview upcoming episodes.

Water Cooler Wisdom

Meet the Hosts

Jake Blocker

Introducing Jake Blocker, the effervescent co-host of "Water Cooler Wisdom" with a career canvas painted over 15 years in marketing and the creative fields. Jake's professional palette has been as varied as it is vibrant—shifting from the meticulous art of graphic design to the strategic symphony of marketing, with a stint of freelancing that let his creativity soar across all sorts of business terrains.

In this podcasting adventure, Jake is jazzed to delve into the mechanics of the mind, sharing a fascination for the psychological cogs and wheels that drive our workplace antics. He's here not as a brainy boffin but as an eager learner, ready to unwrap the science behind our actions in bite-sized, relatable nuggets.

When the mic and laptop are off, Jake's life is a dynamic mix of wanderlust, weight plates, and warrior poses, and the occasional binge of trash TV. His approach to life is much like his approach to his work: a balance of discipline, discovery, and a healthy dose of reality TV. Tune in for Jake's unique blend of humor and insight, making every episode an exploration of the lighter side of office life.

Rachael Grail

Welcome Rachael to "Water Cooler Wisdom," the heart and soul behind our mission to unlock peak team performance. As an accomplished facilitator and coach, she transforms intricate concepts into actionable insights, encouraging effective collaboration and sustained well-being.

Rachael's expertise is drawn from a rich tapestry of experiences, from shaping young minds in education to orchestrating high-stakes events. She's devoted to enabling growth, whether through her pro-bono workshops or her advisory role with the Appleseed Project.

Armed with a BA from UC Santa Cruz and specialized certifications from Cornell, Rachael brings both academic rigor and practical finesse to the podcast. Join her as she distills evidence-based frameworks into transformative wisdom, making every episode a masterclass in personal and professional development.

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