4 Tips to Productive Online Meetings

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Picture this, you're in an online meeting and catch yourself checking your email or working on another project, you've noticed that the meeting topic has veered off into something totally unrelated, and it's obvious that the meeting will end with more confusion than when it started. Sound familiar?

This is quite common in today's online meeting atmosphere. In order to help you conduct a more effective online meeting, we've compiled four quick tips you can use in your meetings going forward.

You can download the full infographic here or view the list below.

IA 4 Tips to Productive Online Meetings

Clarify the Meeting Process
Create a list of desired outcomes for your meeting along with your detailed agenda. Also make sure to be clear on meeting roles, as appropriate.

Agree on Engagement Guidelines
If possible, use webcams. Stay focused and limit multi-tasking. Use Chat for questions and suggestions. If you have to leave, let the meeting leader know in advance.

Use a Common Visual Workspace
Capture the attention of participants by screen sharing a common visual workplace. This workplace allows for singular focus on meeting notes, agreements, action items, and parking lot items.

Capture Key Ideas
Designate the role of scribe, one person who is responsible for recording meeting notes, agreements, and action items. This person is also responsible for supplying notes to all attendees post-meeting.




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