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IA Consultants

Our mission is to help people work together better by demonstrating the power and transferring the skills of conscious collaboration. We aim to practice what we teach in order to bring practical and proven services and tools to our clients.

philip abrams
Philip Abrams
Senior Consultant

Philip holds a few core values which empower his work life and are the foundation of sustainable, professional success: honesty and trust, communication and collaboration, efficient process, and consistent execution. 

tony awcock
Tony Awcock
Senior Consultant

Tony’s passion is to help leaders and future leaders learn, grow, and change. His job is to provide coaching and facilitation support to client groups, individuals, and teams.

susannah baldwin
Susannah Baldwin
Senior Consultant

Susannah’s mission is to help leaders advance their ideas and their careers. For more than 20 years, Susannah has helped her clients develop leadership, facilitation, and presentation skills.

lynn barsnick
Lynn Barsnick
Senior Consultant

Lynn specializes in the design and delivery of training solutions in the fields of leadership development, customer care, performance management, team effectiveness and HR processes. 

andrew black
Andrew Black
Senior Consultant

Andy is an Organization Development (OD) expert, helping companies develop increased capacity to fulfill their missions. His special talent is to mobilize groups toward critical business-focused outcomes.

jay cone
Jay Cone
Senior Consultant

Jay wants people to be more questionable. His passion is helping leaders respond and adapt to complexity and uncertainty by asking better questions. 

susan degenring
Susan DeGenring
Senior Consultant

Susan is a leadership consultant, a board-certified executive and team coach, and a virtual program leader. 

louise delasi
Louise DeIasi
Senior Consultant

Louise’s mission is to develop and coach collaborative leaders, build accountable teams, and facilitate cross functional initiatives that produce results while building trust and accountability within organizations.

david ehrmann
David Ehrmann
Senior Consultant

David’s mission is to assist people in achieving better results and gaining greater personal satisfaction through his coaching, facilitation, and training expertise. He helps his clients develop strategies and solutions to address issues that matter. 

stacy feratti
Stacy Ferratti
Senior Consultant

Stacy’s passion is to make her clients shine as presenters. Her coaching results in presentations that persuade and inspire. As a trainer, group facilitator, and coach, she works with groups to enable greater clarity and focus, leading to optimal performance.

Ford Hatamiya
Ford Hatamiya
Senior Consultant

Ford’s mission is to support executive capability development, encourage collaboration, and support equity.

patty McManus
Patty McManus
Senior Consultant

Patty’s mission is to bring everything she knows to help leaders and teams succeed at their business goals and have a great time doing it together. 

madeline mcneely
Madeline McNeely
Senior Consultant

Madeline McNeely’s mission is to condition leaders and organizations to do meaningful work for decades. She works with organizational and network leaders to produce high-quality results, design collaborative processes, and cultivate and sustain trusting relationships.

donnna meredith
Donna Meredith
Senior Consultant

Since 2011, Donna Meredith has led Interaction Associates’ Australasian operations. She is also the Managing Director of award-winning consultancy Keystone Corporate Positioning.

serge nicolet
Serge Nicolet
Senior Consultant

Serge has helped organizations to implement collaborative ways of dealing with business, and has experience in conflict resolution and change management in multicultural environments.

beth oneill
Beth O'Neill
Senior Consultant & Board Director

Beth work with leaders to create collaborative work environments. She is passionate about empowering leaders to build trust, engagement and foster collaboration to drive strong business results.

michael reidy
Michael Reidy
Senior Consultant & Board Director

Michael is passionate about teaching the skills that people need to work well with others in service of the greater good of humanity while on and off the job. 

deborah rocco
Deborah Rocco
Senior Consultant

Deborah is passionate about helping organizations optimize a diverse workforce through cultures of inclusion and belonging. She currently leads the Interaction Associates practice for Women in Leadership.

betina schonberger
Betina Schonberger
Senior Consultant

Betina helps organizations build individual and collective capacities in the areas of strategy, collaboration, facilitation, and leadership development. 

bruce truitt
Bruce Truitt
Senior Consultant

Bruce’s mission is to help individuals, organizations, and community groups build alignment, increase their leadership and collaborative capabilities, optimize performance, and manage change. 

Melinda Weekes-Laidlow
Senior Consultant

Melinda Weekes-Laidlow is a social change architect, expert facilitator, ordained minister, and social entrepreneur.

beth yates
Beth Yates
Senior Consultant

As a seasoned trainer and facilitator, Beth’s mission is to help managers and teams collaborate to achieve stellar results.

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