Eve Keller

Director, Client Solutions & International Partnerships | Indianapolis, IN

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Eve enjoys putting all her education and training experiences into an organization that values the human experience, while helping individuals and large organizations globally work better together. As a member of Interaction Associates’ senior management team, her mission is to manage our many strategic endeavors for scope, budget, and schedule.

Prior to joining Interaction Associates, Eve supported the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) federal contract as a HighPoint Global Project Manager. She also assisted HighPoint Global's successful move toward CMMI Level-2 certification as an audit team member.

Eve is determined to leave a mark on this planet in pictures and words. She volunteers within her LGBTQIA+ community on the Board of Directors for Indy Pride in Indianapolis and as a Regional Director for InterPride, helping to empower Pride organizations worldwide.

Eve has two favorite IA practices, which focus on alignment during meetings (hint: the key is awareness). Building agreements is foundational to collaboration, but we rarely take the time to “check for understanding” before moving on to the next topic. She always evaluates the dimensions of success in meetings: Results, Process, and Relationships.

Eve holds a BS in Education from Tennessee Temple University, and a Certificate in Instructional Design from the University of Wisconsin-Stout.


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