Priti Ahuja

Senior Consultant | Dallas, TX


Priti’s mission is to provide educational leaders with practical insights and collaboration tools for leading school reform and transformation initiatives.

In her work as a group process consultant, trainer and leadership coach, Priti integrates positive psychology, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness practices. She believes that authentic human connection has the power to heal divisions and leverage the natural inclination in most people to be helpful and collaborative.

Prior to joining Interaction Associates, Priti was a professional development consultant for Dallas ISD. Earlier in her career, she worked in marketing and advertising for private and not-for-profit sector clients. In that experience, Priti learned that words are important, and kind words have the most positive impact.

Priti's favorite IA practice is to balance her focus across three dimensions of success: results, process, and relationship. With a high focus on achievement and results in education, this practice reminds her to consider the process (how we work together, use resources, talent and time) and relationship (how we build trust, practice empathy and model relational values).

Priti earned a Master’s Degree in Education and Child Development from Erikson Institute, Chicago, Illinois. She is a fellow of the Transformative Educational Leadership (TEL) program and serves on the advisory board of The Educator Collective, an organization dedicated to empowering education professionals.

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