Patty McManus

Senior Consultant | San Francisco, CA


Patty’s mission is to bring everything she knows to help leaders and teams succeed at their business goals and have a great time doing it together. For her, there is nothing quite like the sight of people working together on something they care about—whether they’re stocking shelves at Trader Joe’s or fixing a software problem in a Silicon Valley cubicle. 

Patty joined Interaction Associates in 1997. She has provided leadership development, team consulting, and change management expertise to diverse global corporations for more than 25 years. She enjoys partnering with clients to improve organizational effectiveness, with a focus on change management and team performance.

Before joining IA, Patty was an internal organization development consultant at Apple Inc., Kaiser Permanente, and the University of California, Berkeley. In these roles, she consulted to processes that included curriculum design, team development, leadership coaching, complex reorganization, redesign of service systems, and product strategy development. 

Patty is the author of the popular e-book, “The Little Book of Big Change.” She has frequently been published on  

Patty’s extensive client experience includes engagements with: Caterpillar, Chevron, Cisco, Curtiss-Wright Flow Control, DuPont, Genentech/Roche, Oak Grove School District, McKesson, Pacific Gas & Electric, The Packard Foundation, Stanford University, and TJX. 

In her spare time, Patty is a volunteer mediator and coach with Community Boards and the Department of Police Accountability, both located in San Francisco. 

Patty works every day to practice deep listening. When she can enter the fullness of a client’s world, her years of experience and book learning can accelerate her clients’ success.  

Patty holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Science in Industrial/ Organizational Psychology from San Francisco State University. She completed postgraduate internships in organization development at Kaiser Permanente and group facilitation at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. 

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