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David Alan Brown

Senior Consultant | Indianapolis, IN


David teams with organizations and individuals to create inspiring visions, develop cultures of collaboration and agree on effective action. He is especially committed to developing leaders in the nonprofit sector, with recognized service to youth and those who support young people. David models his enthusiasm for effective leaders, advocating for their role while recognizing and supporting the wide range of authentic leadership styles.

David delivers training, facilitation, organizational development consulting, and keynote presentations to organizations across the country. He has presented at several national conferences, including the International Association of Facilitators, the National Association of Teen Institutes and the Association for Humanistic Psychology. Longer contracts have provided direction for community groups throughout the Midwest. David sponsored several of his own events, inviting the public to invest in developing a stronger self awareness of their personal potential. He is the author of three books and several stage plays.

I find I use the IA Practice “Facilitate Agreement” in many areas of my life. Now that the language and process of proposing/understanding/checking for agreement has reached an intuitive level, I find it helpful in many situations. When working with volunteers, it is vital for setting expectations and providing accountability. At home, I can often erase misunderstandings with my teenage son (and close a few loopholes he may be trying to create).

David has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

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