Ian Lipson

Director, Client Solutions | Boston, MA

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Ian’s role is to uncover the real leadership and organizational development issues his clients face, and create practical, effective solutions to resolve them. He is passionate about Interaction Associates’ mission to develop collaborative, self-aware strategic leaders.

Ian joined IA in 2003. In his current role, he is a co-owner, governing board member, and Director of Client Solutions. His experience includes stints as a consultant, executive coach, senior manager, educator, and sales professional. His client work has taken him all over the world, into a broad array of industries ranging from NGOs, to start-ups, to Fortune 1,000 companies.

Ian found his passion for developing leaders early when he took his first group of executives on an expedition into the desert southwest of the U.S., to build their leadership capabilities as an Outward-Bound Instructor. These days, Ian’s work with clients is typically conducted in boardrooms, but the objective of leadership and team development remain his focus.

Ian holds a Bachelor’s in American History from the University of Colorado-Boulder, and a Master’s Degree in Education from Cambridge College. He is a Certified Master Trainer of all IA’s Core Programs.

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