Why Attend an IA Public Workshop?

Leadership | Personal Development

When was the last time you found yourself in a classroom, eager to absorb new knowledge and refine your skills? In the hustle and bustle of our day-to-day lives, it's easy to overlook the importance of investing time in our professional development.

With the new year in full swing, it's worth pausing to ask ourselves: What skills do I want to strengthen or acquire? What feedback have I received recently, and in what areas can I improve? What networking opportunities can I explore to expand my professional circle? How much time am I currently dedicating to my growth, and should I dedicate more?

In the dynamic landscape of leadership, continuous learning isn't just a checkbox; it's the secret sauce that propels us forward. As you contemplate your aspirations for the coming year, consider this: Interaction Associates’ public workshops are nothing like the IT security training that you rush through to check off your list and they aren't as overwhelming as a large-scale conference. Additionally, these workshops do something that is necessary to change mindsets and gain skills: they carefully take you out of your comfort zone. Public workshops are the best place for leaders like you to unlock transformative skills and elevate your team.

The small class sizes allow for individual attention, increased participation opportunities, and tailored communication between instructors and students compared to what you might get in a self-paced program or large-format workshop. This translates into graduates that are prepared to take the skills they learned back to the office and make big changes.


Sample of Skills You’ll Master:

  1. Techniques for Effective Prioritization:
    Learn to strategically prioritize tasks, ensuring your team's focus aligns seamlessly with organizational goals.

  2. Being Adaptable in the Face of Change
    Navigate through fast-paced changes and disruptions with finesse, keeping your team on course and fostering adaptability.

  3. Inclusive Decision-Making Skills:
    Learn strategies for incorporating diverse perspectives, enriching your decision-making process.

  4. Strategies for Leveraging Diversity for Innovation:
    Explore how to leverage diverse thoughts and experiences to drive innovation and creative problem-solving within your team.

  5. Collaboration Beyond Silos:
    Master the art of cross-functional collaboration, uniting various functions and promoting a collaborative culture.

  6. Consensus Building Techniques for Collective Success:
    Craft critical team agreements and reconcile differences effectively, building bridges within your team.

  7. Mastering Feedback Timing and Delivery:
    Perfect the timing and delivery of feedback and celebration, reinforcing positive behaviors and accomplishments.


Why You Can't-Miss It:
As you start the journey of accomplishing your goals for 2024, envision the impact of joining one of our public workshops—a transformative experience crafted by leaders like yourself. Imagine walking away not just with knowledge but with tools ready for immediate application. One Essential Facilitation® workshop alumnus enthusiastically attests, "The concept of 'sticky learning' is real. The tools I acquired seamlessly fit into my leadership toolkit, making the learning experience truly impactful."

Yet, the workshop offers more than skills. Picture yourself in a space with like-minded leaders, each facing unique challenges yet sharing a common goal for growth. One Facilitative Leadership® alumnus reflects, "Connecting with peers who share similar challenges and triumphs was invaluable. The network I built during the workshop continues to be a source of support, expanding my perspectives and offering insights beyond the training room."

Elevate your leadership game, apply skills instantly, and dive deep into networking that goes beyond the surface level. Register for one of our public workshops and chart a course for success this year. Gain insights from real-world experiences and apply skills that will impact your leadership journey for years to come.

About Katy O'Connor

Katy O’Connor is responsible for developing, planning, and managing IA events and amplifying brand awareness through marketing initiatives to enhance client value. Prior to joining IA, Katy managed the logistics of bringing both large and small-scale events to life for pharmaceutical brands across the trade show world. During her last two years of college, she completed internships in both business development as well as public relations for various businesses in the music industry by handling their social media strategy and increasing customer outreach. Katy is passionate about travel and protecting the beautiful natural landscapes she loves. Outside of work she volunteers for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Protect Our Winters, and various other green movement groups helping educate others about environmental protection. Katy’s favorite IA practice is Plus/Delta. These are brief feedback statements that help evaluate what went well and what we could be improved next time. This is a great tool to conclude any meeting for continued improvement. She feels that receiving actionable feedback is one of the most important parts of personal growth. She loves that this method brings feedback to a professional level. Katy holds a B.S. in Marketing and two supplemental minors in environmental studies and fashion merchandising from Lasell University. She’s also certified in HubSpot Inbound, Social Media Marketing, and Email.