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Our blog is filled with actionable insights on collaboration as well as practical approaches to implement these insights within organizations.

Barry Rosen

Barry Rosen
The CEO of Interaction Associates, Barry consults with company leaders on how to empower people and teams to work across functions and other boundaries to get important things done. He leads the assembly of IA's collaboration tools and learning content, including programs on facilitative leadership, inclusive teams, and task-focused group facilitation.
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Starting a new job is an exciting experience. It’s an opportunity to work with interesting people, contribute to a..

Build More Adaptable Leaders

We’ve entered the 3rd year of the COVID pandemic. Like the first two, we don’t know what’s coming next. Barry Rosen, IA..

Take a Stand for Democracy

A message from Interaction Associates CEO, Barry Rosen

5 Leadership Practices for Nurturing an ...

Most businesses experienced massive disruption this past year, having embarked on, as Time Magazine described it, “the..

Connect People with Meetings that Matter

Meaningful employee engagement was a challenge for most organizations before the pandemic took hold. In 2018, a Gallup..

Is Anybody Listening

In online meetings today, people are still listening. But what we hear and understand is often not what the speaker..

Delegation Can Help You Navigate a Crisis

What does the present moment demand of us as leaders? We face a host of threats and stressful situations. Many of us..

Stay Connected When Working from Home

If you’re new to working from home or now have more virtual co-workers due to COVID-19 travel restrictions and social..

5 Steps to Giving Productive Feedback

Giving productive feedback is crucial in having a collaborative environment. However, the thought of giving feedback..

Today from IA: We're Better Together

COVID-19 Response from Interaction Associates and CEO Barry Rosen In communities and businesses across the globe,..

What Mr. Rogers Taught Us About Effective ...

When you think of “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood,” do you soften and perhaps smile a bit? Us, too. If you haven’t seen the..

Happy 50th to Sesame Street...and Interaction ...

Many amazing things happened in 1969!

Trends: Crack the Collaboration Code

Collaboration is at the heart of most successful human endeavors. I’m referring to work and community-based..

M&A Integration: The Case for Collaboration

Corporations who grow through acquisitions go to great lengths to make deals happen. This blog focuses on the role of..