Action Accelerator Series:  

Essential Skills for Virtual Collaboration

COVID-19 is disrupting business as usual. It doesn’t have to impair personal and team productivity.

We've assembled a special package of online, instructor-led courses to help virtual team members work better together in their work-from-home arrangements.

The short courses are called Action Accelerators, which are skill-building experiences focused on a single topic. An Action Accelerator is comprised of two 120-minute online sessions spread over 1 to 3 weeks. Participants are provided guidelines for applying target skills in the time between sessions, allowing them to incorporate the techniques they’ve learned in their work habits and routines.

The course topics in this package are:

  • Build Trust & Rapport in the Virtual Workplace
  • Tame the Online Meeting Monster
  • Influence Stakeholders from A Distance
  • Reach Agreements with Virtual Co-Workers
  • Give Feedback from A Distance

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The Interaction Method™

Interaction Associates is one of the pioneers of collaborative problem-solving and group facilitation in the business world. Attending our Action Accelerators courses will help your virtual team conquer the difficulties of working together separately.

Our Action Accelerators courses help professionals on various seniority levels, from rank-and-file employees and team leaders to executive-level managers. Every member of the company needs to learn to adapt to their new working arrangement to improve the organization’s productivity and performance.

Your team will learn the Interaction Method™, a proven collaborative process for working together more effectively. This method helps teams make well-informed, collective decisions and actions on important business matters. Such a decision-making approach is especially critical when every business move can impact the company’s survival.

Work Remotely More Effectively

Overcome the challenges of remote collaboration with Interaction Associates. Our online collaboration training courses will equip your team with the skills they need to maintain high performance despite the challenges you may be experiencing.

Learn more about Action Accelerators today to see how you can unlock your team’s full potential.

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Learning Journey


Step 1

Self-Paced Orientation

Read the course overview, answer a few questions, and begin to focus your expectations on the upcoming webinar.


Step 2

Knowledge Acquisition Webinar
Instructors present a framework & tools, then show how to use them. 


Step 3

Apply Skills at Work

Return to work with assignment to apply what you’ve learned.


Step 4

Practice Lab

Report back on your experience. Practice. Receive feedback from IA coaches and peers.


Action Accelerators


Build Trust & Rapport in the Virtual Workplace*
Ways to assemble the building blocks of trust when working in different locations: dependability, values congruence, transparency, competence, and focused intention

Tame the Online Meeting Monster*
Techniques for planning the meeting, keeping people on track, building agreements, and completing with clear and practical action plans

Influence Stakeholders from a Distance*
Techniques for shaping the opinions and behavior of people whose support we want, but over whom we may have little authority

Reach Agreement with Virtual Co-Workers*
Learn the steps for building understanding and informed decisions by developing your ability to scan for proposals, think through alternatives, and fashion smart agreements.

Give Feedback from a Distance*
Learn how to observe others’ actions and behaviors from a distance in order to (a) provide constructive feedback, and (b) support virtual colleagues in responding to a request for a change in their behavior.

Set Up Distributed Teams
Best practices for setting direction, maintaining focus, and sharing responsibility for success — for new teams or boosting existing teams 

Lead with Purpose & Empathy
Learn how successful leaders connect with virtual team members, increase psychological safety, foster personal accountability, and share responsibility for success

Present Online with Confidence
Techniques to engage and command the attention of listeners by using compelling messages, attractive visuals, and vocal variety

Reconcile Differences on Virtual Teams
Techniques for handling disagreements when working from a distance so you can get back to collaborating versus competing and withholding support

Ask Better Questions to Get Better Solutions
Ways to spot biased and limiting questions (mental quicksand) and to fashion questions, problem definitions, and opportunity statements that hit the mark

Really Listen & Understand People
Techniques for hearing and understanding people more accurately, appreciating alternative points of view, and encouraging honest communication

Engage Everyone in Online Meetings
Facilitative techniques for focusing attention, including everyone, generating ideas, and noting ideas on a common visual display

Raise & Address Difficult Subjects
Techniques for initiating difficult conversations, helping colleagues say what’s on their minds, and develop team norms for addressing hard topics

*Included in the Essential Skills for Virtual Collaboration topics