Barry Rosen

Chief Executive Officer | San Francisco Bay Area

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Barry says his job is to enable associates to make informed decisions and provide services that help clients achieve their day-to-day objectives and realize their highest aspirations.

With 35 years in the learning and performance improvement industry, Barry has led projects at dozens of companies, including General Electric, Celanese, McKinsey, Progressive Insurance, Charles Schwab, Exelon, and Capital One.

Barry has facilitated meetings with the Democratic Congressional Caucus, the Carter Center, and with the Dalai Lama in Dharmsala, India. He is the developer of much of Interaction Associates' intellectual content, including leadership, teamwork, and facilitation learning programs.

Barry is also a co-founder of the Interaction Institute for Social Change, a 501(c)(3) dedicated to racial justice and equity, and to advancing the practice of citizen democracy. Through the Institute, Barry trained dozens of consultants in Israel to teach Facilitative Leadership®  to Jewish and Palestinian leaders in the service of advancing civil society, cross-cultural tolerance, and progressive social change.

Barry’s favorite IA practice is Celebrate Accomplishment. He likes to catch people in the act of doing good things and doing things well. He is currently assembling the next generation of IA leaders and practitioners to bring The Interaction Method™ to companies and communities around the world.

Barry holds a B.A. in Political Philosophy from Trinity College, Hartford CT, and an M.A. in Urban Planning from University of California, Berkeley.

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