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Barry Rosen

CEO & Board Director | San Francisco, CA


Barry is the President and CEO of Interaction Associates. With 30+ years in the learning and performance improvement industry, Barry has held the IA positions of Senior Collaboration Consultant and Director of both the Training and Consulting Practices. He is the designer and developer of much of Interaction Associates' intellectual content, including leadership, teamwork, and facilitation workshops.

Barry is also the founder of Zoom Collaborate, an IA strategic business partner focused on building collaboration skills through virtual coaching and training. He is a co-founder of the Interaction Institute for Social Change, IA’s sister organization dedicated to advancing the practice of citizen democracy.

Barry holds a B.A. in Political Philosophy from Trinity College, Hartford CT, and a M.A. in Urban Planning from University of California, Berkeley.

Client Experience
Barry has led engagements at dozens of companies in the United States and Europe, including General Electric, DuPont, McKinsey, Progressive Insurance, Charles Schwab, and Capital One.

Pro Bono Clients
Through the Interaction Institute for Social Change, Barry has trained dozens of consultants in Israel to teach Facilitative Leadership skills to Jewish and Palestinian leaders as a tool for advancing civil society, cross-cultural tolerance, and progressive social change.

On Working at IA
Interaction Associate's mission is all about helping people to work better with others, to make a positive difference for their organizations, and to realize their own highest aspirations.

In early 1970’s and 80’s, IA pioneered the practices of neutral facilitation and collaborative problem-solving in a various public and business situations in cities and companies across the United States. 

In the 1990’s, we popularized group facilitation by training tens of thousands of people in The Interaction Method, the first systematic approach to meeting management since Robert’s Rules of Order. IA was one of the founding members of the International Association of Facilitators.

In the first decade of the 21st century, we introduced online facilitation and virtual instruction into our service offering. Today, we help people across generations and cultures tap the power of collaboration by integrating neuroscience and mindfulness into our time-tested collaboration frameworks and tools.

Throughout my career, IA has provided me with a platform to learn and contribute. Whether coaching a leader, launching a team, or helping to facilitate a change effort, each assignment challenged me to ‘get over myself,’ ‘listen as an ally,’ and trust the wisdom of the group. I’m thankful for the opportunity to lead IA and to partner with my IA colleagues in demonstrating the power and transferring the skills of conscious collaboration.

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