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David Alan Brown

David Alan Brown
David helps leaders and teams imagine an inspiring vision of the future, develop a collaborative work culture, and share responsibility for taking joint action. David models enthusiasm and common sense as a facilitative leader. Prior to joining IA as a Program Leader, David worked as a teacher, adult education director, and youth-at-risk advocate and adviser. David delivers training, meeting facilitation, organizational development consulting. He is a frequent keynote presenter at national conferences, including the International Association of Facilitators, the National Association of Teen Institutes and the Association for Humanistic Psychology. He is the author of three books and several stage plays. David aims to Facilitate Agreement (a practice from the FL workshop) in all areas of his life. "Now that the language and process of propose/check for understanding/check for agreement has become second nature for me, I find it essential for setting expectations and providing accountability." David has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.
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