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Webinar Series: Future of the Workplace
Future-Proof: Leadership in the Emerging Hybrid Workplace

June 16 | 1:00 - 1:30pm ET

As COVID restrictions are loosened, some workers are returning to offices while others will continue working at home some or all of the time. When team members are located in different places and have different work habits, teamwork can suffer.

Future-proof leaders have the skills that don’t become obsolete when times change. In the hybrid workplace, they are the leaders who will tap the ability and motivation of team members—wherever they are located—to achieve mission-critical goals.

In this webinar you’ll learn three practical techniques to future-proof yourself and your leaders. We’ll preview proven practices from our time-tested, award-winning program, Facilitative Leadership®. These routines will help you:

  • Keep people connected and productive
  • Foster collaborative and inclusive norms
  • Elevate team accountability and performance in the wake of change

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Featured Speakers


Eve Keller
Director, Client Solutions


Barry Rosen