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Jake Blocker

Creative Marketing Manager | Denver, CO

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Jake Blocker creates and executes marketing initiatives for Interaction Associates (IA). He’s involved from initial ideation to the creative development and the analysis of the results. If you were to merge the left and right brain into a job, you would have Jake’s role at IA.

Jake’s decade+ of experience in graphic design and marketing can be seen in action on our website and throughout all of our marketing materials.

Prior to IA, Jake was a freelance graphic designer and marketer. He enjoyed dipping his toes in just about every industry imaginable. Occasionally, Jake still helps small businesses with their marketing and graphic design efforts. He likes helping people who have great ideas for a business or product but struggle to get in front of an audience.

Jake loves the IA practice “Desired Outcomes.” If you’re like him, you’ve been in terrible meetings where you’ve left more confused than when you arrived. Desired outcomes clearly state what objectives a meeting should accomplish.

Jake holds a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising from the University of Oklahoma.

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