Listening as an Ally AMA

Ask Me Anything: Live Panel Q&A on Strategies for Listening as an Ally On Demand Webinar

On Demand Webinar

Have you ever struggled with navigating difficult conversations at work or in your personal life? Do you find it hard to really listen to others when they are telling their side of the story?

Join our expert panel for an interactive session where we will share valuable insights and practical techniques to help you become a better listener and improve your communication skills. The panel includes experienced professionals who have helped leaders across numerous industries navigate their way through difficult conversations.

During this AMA, you'll have the chance to ask our panelists any questions you may have and get practical advice on how to handle tough conversations with empathy and understanding. Get ready to engage in an open, candid conversation that will leave you with a fresh perspective on how to handle communication challenges.

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Expert Panel:
Barry Rosen, CEO, Interaction Associates
Rachael Grail, Senior Consultant, Interaction Associates
Davida Sharpe, Senior Consultant, Interaction Associates

Facilitated by
Eve Keller, Director, Client Solutions & International Partnerships

Expert Panelists


Barry Rosen
CEO, Interaction Associates

Barry is responsible for enabling associates to make informed decisions and provide services that help clients achieve their day-to-day objectives and realize their highest aspirations.

With 35 years in the learning and performance improvement industry, Barry has led projects at dozens of companies, including General Electric, Celanese, McKinsey, Progressive Insurance, Charles Schwab, Exelon, and Capital One.

Barry has facilitated meetings with the Democratic Congressional Caucus, the Carter Center, and with the Dalai Lama in Dharmsala, India. He is the developer of much of Interaction Associates' intellectual content, including leadership, teamwork, and facilitation learning programs.

Barry is also a co-founder of the Interaction Institute for Social Change, a 501(c)(3) dedicated to racial justice and equity, and to advancing the practice of citizen democracy. Through the Institute, Barry trained dozens of consultants in Israel to teach Facilitative Leadership®  to Jewish and Palestinian leaders in the service of advancing civil society, cross-cultural tolerance, and progressive social change.

Barry holds a B.A. in Political Philosophy from Trinity College, Hartford CT, and an M.A. in Urban Planning from University of California, Berkeley.

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Rachael Grail
Senior Consultant, Interaction Associates

Rachael’s goal is to enable peak performance in teams through effective communication, strengths-based collaboration, and sustained well-being. As an experienced facilitator and coach, she skillfully weaves new concepts and awareness into practical actions. She leverages a breadth of experience and numerous evidence-based frameworks to be highly responsive to the unique needs of each group she supports.

Before her work as a leadership development specialist, she was an educator at a private school in the Silicon Valley for six years, where she designed and delivered custom curriculum to a group of neurodiverse students. Prior to that, she worked for ten years as an executive producer of large-scale events in the San Francisco Bay Area. This taught her volumes about team dynamics in high stakes situations and is where her interest in team development originated.

Rachael holds a BA with Honors from the University of California, Santa Cruz. She holds certificates in Women in Leadership, and Persuasive Communication from Cornell University. She is a CPCC certified coach from the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI,) and an ACC Certified Coach from the International Coaches Federation (ICF). She is also an LHEP certified practitioner of The Human Element model for Organizational Effectiveness

Rachael supports leaders and teams in global companies, high growth startups, and NGO’s. Her experience includes engagement with clients at: Amazon, Adobe, DocuSign, Meta, Outside PR, PG&E, Service Now, and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

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Davida Sharpe
Senior Consultant, Interaction Associates

Davida Sharpe is a learning and development strategist who has worked with organizations across industries and sectors to tie their people development outcomes to key business priorities. She is a 27-year veteran of the learning and development field.

Davida spent most of her tenure as a senior manager at the Center for Creative Leadership, a pioneer in executive education. At CCL, Davida experienced a progression in leadership responsibilities because of demonstrated capabilities in strategic thinking and problem-solving, design leadership, and people management.

Davida holds a degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Georgia and a Master's in Counseling Education from North Carolina A&T State University.

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Eve Keller
Director, Client Solutions & International Partnerships

Eve enjoys putting all her education and training experiences into an organization that values the human experience, while helping individuals and large organizations globally work better together. As a member of Interaction Associates’ senior management team, her mission is to manage our many strategic endeavors for scope, budget, and schedule.

Prior to joining Interaction Associates, Eve supported the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) federal contract as a HighPoint Global Project Manager. She also assisted HighPoint Global's successful move toward CMMI Level-2 certification as an audit team member.

Eve holds a BS in Education from Tennessee Temple University, and a Certificate in Instructional Design from the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

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