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Resistance to change in companies doesn’t usually reflect disagreement about the need for change. People resist, oppose, or express indifference, in reaction to how they see leaders trying to make change happen. Your leaders can learn to involve the right stakeholders, at the right time, using an effective process to facilitate the shift. 

Collaboration Consulting
After you complete a self-paced Readiness for Change Assessment, our consultants will help you build and execute a collaborative change roadmap that engages the right people, at the right time, with the most engaging process.

Skills Training
The program Facilitating Change helps change leaders and steering teams build a collaborative change roadmap, hone their stakeholder engagement skills, and think strategically about adjusting plans and behaviors in the face of unforeseen events. The program Unstuck Minds improves the ability of team sponsors, leaders, and members to fashion better solutions by asking better questions.



Leadership Coaching 
With a certified Leadership Coach, you’ll define your goals for leading change, focus your intention and attention, accelerate your momentum, and experience greater confidence in making positive change.

Key Meeting Facilitation
Our experienced meeting facilitators will help you launch change acceleration teams and guide high-stakes progress review meetings. If you have a strong stake in the meeting content, focus on influencing your colleagues—and coming up with better decisions—and leave the driving to an expert process facilitator.

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“We selected IA as a partner because their content and delivery style is consistent with the cultural values we are trying to instill in our leadership. Our leadership development program was intended to be more than a program to train our leaders — but a strategic initiative to change the culture. We have stayed with IA because they have exceeded my expectations on what they originally promised to deliver, and, as our needs have grown, they continue to be able to deliver.”

Donna Tanenbaum, former VP, Human Resources

“I have worked with many consulting firms in my previous experiences but I have never seen such a level of efficiency, simplicity, and this "to the point" approach that makes things happen . . . I should remember that the impossible takes just a little bit of more time!”

Senior Vice President, Global Regulatory & Quality Assurance
Leading Global Pharmaceutical Company

"As consultants, they listen, they are engaged, they are flexible — and they deliver a learning experience next-to-none. They have turned the biggest skeptics into the biggest fans. They are singularly responsible for helping us at Abt Associates truly build a culture of development. From workshops, to consulting, to new program design, they are simply the best.”

Nancy Boenecke, Director, Professional Development
Abt Associates

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