Unstuck Minds Breakthrough

Better questions lead to better answers

Lead an expedition to find powerful questions

Learn to ask better questions
Prior to the workshop, participants complete an online assessment to understand their thinking-to-action preferences. In the session, participants do a forensic analysis of unsuccessful initiatives. Were leaders solving the wrong problem? They learn the 4-step Unstuck Minds Method for framing questions that help avoid thinking traps.

Define the right problem and help others get unstuck
By the end of the session, a sponsor with a persistent problem or daunting opportunity walks away with new insights and options. Participants help each other reframe their own challenges so that everyone goes back to work with a greater perspective on what problems to solve.

Respond to challenges with greater agility
Regular use of the Unstuck Minds Method helps leaders and teams address VUCA situations – volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous – with more clarity and confidence.

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Read the recent article, "Cultivating an Unstuck Mind: Four Steps to New Insights" written by Senior Consultant, Jay Cone.

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“Instant and measurable results using the unstuck minds compass. Within 2 hours, our teams made significant progress understanding a difficult issue. They also agreed on the information needed to engineer innovative solutions.”
-Stephen Haag, Faculty Director of Entrepreneurship, Daniels College of Business, University of Denver

How Participants Learn

Live | In Classroom
Interaction Program Leaders train this 1-day program to groups at your site. You can also certify internal trainers to teach the Unstuck Minds Breakthough™ to your managers, project leaders, and HR professionals.

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