Allison McGuirk

Director, Client Solutions | Boston, MA

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Allison’s mission is to bring impactful learning to clients in a way that feels organic to their culture and values. She is passionate about establishing strategic partnerships with her clients, so that Interaction Associates can support their organization’s mission, vision, values, and talent. 

With an extensive background supporting clients in multiple industries, Allison has worked in financial services, retail, information technology, hospitality, golf, and education. Her roles have been diverse functionally, including operations and business development, but have always focused on client service. Allison’s career journey in both industry and role empower her to offer insight and perspective when partnering with her clients to support their initiatives and strategic goals. She has also brought an element of fun to her work ever since her first job out of college, designing and selling private parties in the Rocky Mountains. 

Allison’s client portfolio includes: LVMH, Putnam, Sephora, and Zipcar.

Outside of the office, Allison can be found chasing either her two toddlers, or her ball on the golf course.

Allison’s favorite IA practice is Results, Process, and Relationship. She loves the model because of its versatility, and she uses it to measure success or evaluate where there’s room for improvement across all three dimensions, in a range of settings (from work, to the golf course, to home life).

Allison holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Colorado-Boulder.

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