Re-Thinking the New Hire Experience

The onboarding process of 2019 does not fit the employee needs of 2022 and beyond. How can the process be improved?

The New Hire Experience

The COVID pandemic and The Great Resignation have made a major impact on how organizations approach employee wellbeing. Changes are being made to build more inclusive work environments and provide a better work-life balance in the form of hybrid and remote working. But, what about new hires?

Onboarding new hires is a perfect opportunity to set an employee up for success. Beyond getting to know their role, team, and organization, it's a chance to provide them with the soft skills to confidently take on their new job such as effective meeting skills, coaching, and management that a training program can achieve for your new hire.



Benefits of Skill Development in New Hires

There are a number of benefits in providing soft skill training to new hires for the employee and employer:


  • Gains more confidence in their new role
  • Builds foundational skills to immediately apply to their job
  • Eliminates common bad habits before they have the chance to begin
  • Provides new skills to help them in their career growth
  • Uncovers new approaches to how they can successfully do their job and contribute.


  • Creates a culture of talent retention by investing in the growth of employees from the start
  • Improves productivity by providing skills that can immediately be applied
  • Fills the skills gaps left by departing employees
  • Provides bench strength for upcoming and potential leaders in the organization
  • Builds a solid foundation of skills to overcome common day-to-day challenges


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"Interaction Associates helped us completely turn around our culture to create a collaborative environment. With their help, we not only achieved the highest regulatory ratings and great operating success, we also created a place where people love to work.”

- Organizational Leader at STP Nuclear Operating Company

Soft Skills

New Hire Training

Mastering Meetings

Learn strategies and techniques for planning meetings, keeping people focused and engaged, and building agreements by consensus. Build the confidence to successfully lead and facilitate high-stakes meetings as well as common team and one-on-one meetings.

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Managing with Impact

Learn a science-based conversation model for increasing accountability and accelerating performance: Build trust and rapport, improve problem-solving and inspire initiative, encourage learning and enjoyment at work.

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