Part 2: Problem Behaviors in Meetings & How to Overcome Them
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Back by popular demand! We're following up our first installment of Problem Behaviors in Meetings with Part 2.

Think of the meetings you've led over the last few weeks. Did you have participants who were multi-tasking, refused to get on camera, seemed checked out from the beginning, had tech struggles, or rambled on with a talking point for far too long? 

In this webinar, we discuss five more common problem behaviors and how to overcome them. Additionally, we provide one practice to curb almost any problematic behavior from the start of your meeting.

The five problem behaviors we'll cover are:

  1. The Multi-Tasker
  2. The Ghost
  3. The Silent One
  4. The Tech Unsavvy
  5. The Rambler

Featured Speakers


Andrew Black
Senior Consultant


Eve Keller
Director, Client Solutions