Free the Creative Mind

Proven Strategies to Promote Inclusivity, Increase Engagement, & Generate Ideas

On Demand Webinar

The workplace has a surplus of creative and innovative thinkers with ideas rattling around in their brain. In some workplaces, these ideas are denied on the spot without fully thinking them through or hearing them out. Others may find it difficult to get individuals to contribute in the first place. How can we overcome these barriers and gather crucial input that will move teams and organizations forward?

In this webinar, we’ll help you overcome these barriers with a popular tool that allows for freeform ideas, organization and prioritization of the ideas, and a plan to move forward. Whether you’re in-person, fully virtual, or in a hybrid setting, this webinar will provide solutions to help you embrace and encourage creative thinking.

By attending this interactive webinar, you’ll have the skills and knowledge necessary to:

  • Allow and encourage an open flow of creative ideas and gathering input
  • Create psychological safety and inclusion working across cultures and boundaries
  • Utilize facilitative techniques to engage and keep the creative process flowing while moving to an actionable result
  • Take creative ideas and prioritize them into actionable next steps
  • Understand how to overcome common barriers to the creative thinking process

Upon registration, we’re asking that registrants provide their top barrier when it comes to gathering input or generating ideas in a group setting. We’ll use this information to fully illustrate successful outcomes to the creative thinking process and provide solutions to these barriers along the way.

Featured Speakers


Andrew Black
Senior Consultant


Eve Keller
Director, Client Solutions & International Relations