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Collaborate Better Across Boundaries

Solving problems and making decisions together are typical activities on teams. On many teams, however, members reside in different places, and have different loyalties, first languages, and work habits. How are you helping team members span boundaries, leverage differences, and become more connected and productive together?

Collaboration Consulting
You know the most about your situation. It's likely we know a lot about similar ones. First, we'll engage your team members in a collaborative pulse check. With your team, we'll develop a plan for staying connected, building trust and rapport, leveraging each other’s talents, and sharing responsibility for success. Early in the course of working together, the team will evolve.

Skills Training 
Our virtual, short courses are designed for anyone whose job requires them to collaborate with people in other functions, regions, and across other potential boundaries. We can create custom programs to provide a common language and collaborative toolkit for your project leaders and team members.

Leadership Coaching
With a certified Collaboration Coach, you’ll define your coaching conversation goals. Common goals include: developing routines for maintaining alignment, keeping people connected, brokering communication, reconciling differences, and maintaining project momentum.

Key Meeting Facilitation
Our experienced meeting facilitators will help you design and guide a high-stakes meeting to a successful outcome. If you have a strong point of view or stake in the meeting content, leave the driving to an expert process facilitator.

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Hundreds of other companies have trusted us to help with training and organizational development.

Expert Research

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“I have a Chemical Engineering degree, and I've got an MBA — but one of the most powerful tools in my tool kit is the skill set that Interaction Associates has delivered into my life. It’s huge.”

Russ Crockett, Sr. Vice President, Commercial
Texas Petrochemical

“Bad leadership had brought us to our knees. Interaction Associates helped us completely turn around our culture to create a collaborative environment. With their help, we not only achieved the highest regulatory ratings and great operating success, we created a place where people love to work.”

Mike Meier, Vice President, Shared Services
STP Nuclear Operating Company

“Not only is IA effective at providing tools and context, but their relationship-based approach deeply impacts how our managers think and feel about the art of leadership — and ultimately, how they act as leaders.

Steve Arneson, Ph.D., Author, Bootstrap Leadership and former SVP, Executive Talent Management and Development
Capital One

Team members often reside in different places, and have different priorities and work habits.

Our consulting and training services help team members span boundaries, leverage differences, and become more connected and productive.

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