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Looking for talent development solutions? Interaction Associates' training methods have provided millions of individuals around the world with the skills needed to thrive in today's dynamic workplace.

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Enhance collaboration among leaders and team members, enabling them to achieve what matters most to their customers, organization, and each other, regardless of their location.

Interaction Associates builds collaborative leaders, develops inclusive teams, and improves meeting cultures. We've trained millions of individuals in The Interaction Method™, a facilitated approach for working better together.

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Facilitative Leadership®
5 Oct 2023


Facilitative Leadership®

Learn seven practices for engaging and empowering people to share responsibility, bring out the best in their teammates, and achieve mission-critical goals. This eight-part series will be delivered via two, 2-hour sessions per week, for 4 weeks. Limited Spots Available
Essential Facilitation®
23 Oct 2023


Essential Facilitation®

Learn a proven method for guiding groups to their desired outcomes in high-stakes meetings, and with people who have diverse backgrounds and points of view. This eight-part series will be delivered via two, 2-hour sessions per week, for 4 weeks. Limited Spots Available

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Thousands of companies have trusted Interaction Associates to develop their leaders, strengthen their teams, and build more collaborative cultures.

What Clients Say About IA

"No matter what business problem or issue we're handed, we can navigate our way through it. That's the beauty of IA's collaborative models and tools. They work for almost any challenge or opportunity. And the IA consultants practice what they teach."
- Vice President, Global Talent Management, Major Retail Brand

"Our leaders want to build a collaborative culture. The enterprise-wide coaching skills program delivered by IA is one strategy for achieving that goal. What makes the program so successful? The content is solid. The trainers are great role models. The classroom experience is profound and practical."
- Director, Employee Engagement and Organization Development, Atmos Energy

“We selected IA as a partner because their content and delivery style is consistent with the cultural values we are trying to instill in our leadership. Our leadership development program was intended to be more than a program to train our leaders — but a strategic initiative to change the culture. We have stayed with IA because they have exceeded my expectations on what they originally promised to deliver, and, as our needs have grown, they continue to be able to deliver.”
Former VP of Human Resources, Curtiss-Wright

“Bad leadership had brought us to our knees. Interaction Associates helped us completely turn around our culture to create a collaborative environment. With their help, we not only achieved the highest regulatory ratings and great operating success, we created a place where people love to work.”
VP, Shared Services, STP Nuclear Operating Company

Better collaboration at work makes a big difference. What's your collaborative challenge?

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