LaRay Gates

Virtual Producer & Graphic Designer | Central Rural Utah

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Working hard behind the scenes, LaRay not only creates materials for in-person and online training, but also produces virtual workshop sessions and webinars.

LaRay has worked as a freelance graphic designer for over 25 years. In 2020, with the onset of Covid-19, she quickly stepped into the role of virtual producer to help her partners transition for in-person to online training and enjoyed seeing the content in action.

Work-life balance is one of LaRay’s passions. To help others gain more balance in their lives, LaRay has donated her time by created countless logos for women entrepreneurs starting up a side business from their homes.

Earning a BA in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations from Brigham Young University, LaRay has used her background to create materials that are not only visually stunning, but also create a clear and compelling call-to-action for the reader.

LaRay created the graphics in the book, Promotions Are So Yesterday: Redefine Career Development. Help Employees Thrive. by Julie Winkle Giulioni. She also created the packaging for 2019 Iowa State Fair 1st Place Winner in the Hand-Rolled Butter category.

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