Kimberly Edwards

Engagement Manager | Boston Area

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Kimberly coordinates delivery of Interaction Associates’ services, but her true mission is to set up our consultants and clients for successful engagements. She is passionate about delivering a positive experience for our clients and working with a team that shares her work ethic and values.

Kimberly’s past experiences includes more than 20 years in financial and hospitality contract services, in roles such as Relationship Manager, Customer Service, Operational and Financial Analysis, and Internal Auditor. Her background enables her to appreciate the value of the skills IA helps people develop, and the positive impact our work can have on organizational culture.

It’s important to Kimberly to be connected to her community, and her work with the Dorchester Historical Society helps build that relationship.

Kimberly’s favorite IA practice is Plus/Delta. She likes the opportunity to improve, and the philosophy of accountability and growth that supports that value.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts from St. John’s College (Annapolis, MD) and a Master’s in Management from Cornell University with concentrations in operations management and services marketing. She is also a Certified Internal Auditor.

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