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Winning the Game of Leadership & Talent Development at Sirtex


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Winning the Game of Leadership & Talent Development
Recorded on November 13, 2019

Our client, Sirtex, is a global medical device company that’s quickly growing and evolving. For Sirtex, talent challenges are all about culture; how to retain the cultural qualities that strengthen the business, how to shed those that weaken it, and how to help it evolve so that it can adapt to new markets, new products, and new people.

In this 30-minute webinar, you’ll hear how Sirtex:

  • Uses data to understand its people and frame the path forward.
  • Is building and implementing a successful talent development strategy.
  • Is focusing on leadership development to address employee engagement.

Benefits for Attending

  • Practical insights from three experienced Talent Development leaders
  • Creative ways to use external service providers to supplement internal capacity
  • Inspiration for refining and building momentum in your own programs

Presented By


Ian Lipson
Director, Client Solutions
Interaction Associates


Cathleen Lowndes
Chief Human Resources Officer
Sirtex Medical Limited


Juan Antonio Ruiz-Hau
Global Director of Talent Management
Sirtex Medical Limited