Action Accelerators

Develop essential skills for virtual collaboration in short, instructor-led sessions online. 

 Help your leaders engage a distributed workforce. Give virtual team members the skills and tools to stay connected, productive, and accountable from home and across distances and differences.


How Action Accelerators Work

An Action Accelerator is comprised of two 120-minute online sessions. Participants are provided guidelines for applying the target skills in the period between sessions to allow them to fully absorb the lessons and integrate the techniques into their work routines. For a breakdown of the steps, scroll down or click here.

Topics and Skills Covered

Action Accelerators tackles common and nagging challenges facing leaders and team members who work remotely: leading online meetings, giving feedback, reconciling differences, and presenting online. This virtual training session focuses on the necessary skills for leaders to effectively manage their team from afar, maintain group cohesion, and high levels of productivity. Scroll down for a list of our most popular Action Accelerators or click here.



Action Accelerators

Tame the Online Meeting Monster™

Participants learn techniques for planning the meeting, keeping people on track, building agreements, and completing with clear and practical action plans.

Intended Audience
Anyone who attends, leads, or facilitates online meetings, including project leaders and individual contributors who need to coordinate and build alignment with people from different stakeholder groups.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Confidently plan and guide online meetings
  • Effectively keep people focused and engaged during meetings.
  • Complete meetings with clear agreements and next steps

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Give Feedback from a Distance™

Participants learn how to observe others’ actions and behaviors from a distance in order to provide constructive feedback, and support virtual colleagues in responding to a request for a change in their behavior. 

Intended Audience
Anyone who works on remote teams or work groups, including virtual team members, leaders, or project managers; especially useful for virtual leaders who have team members scattered at great distances or who infrequently interact.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Clarify their intentions for giving feedback.
  • Prepare for a feedback conversation.
  • Give affirming (+) and constructive (Δ) feedback in a way that helps others become more self-aware and change an ineffective behavior or pattern.
  • Build greater trust and respect as a result of the feedback conversation.

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Lead with Purpose & Empathy™

Participants learn how successful leaders connect with their teams, understand the needs of team members, and build collaborative and productive relationships that lead to greater accountability and performance. 

Intended Audience
Anyone who manages people or leads project teams.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Engage their own curiosity and empathy to connect with others.
  • Determine what another person really wants from work.
  • Help a direct report, colleague, or team member get what they want
    from work.
  • Build work relationships based on authenticity and mutual support. 

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Raise & Address Difficult Subjects™

Participants learn techniques for initiating difficult conversations, helping colleagues say what’s on their minds, and develop team norms for addressing hard topics.

Intended Audience
Anyone who leads or works on a team

Learning Outcomes:

  • Initiate difficult conversations.
  • Share a concern in a way that elicits understanding and willingness to explore.
  • Help colleagues express their concerns in a group setting.
  • Provide a framework to guide constructive conversations.
  • Establish norms on your team for addressing hard topics. 
  • Help facilitate a conversation about a difficult subject. 
  • Set the stage for collaborative action.

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Engage Everyone in Hybrid Meetings™

Participants learn practical techniques for focusing attention, including everyone, generating ideas, and noting ideas on a common visual display.

Intended Audience
Anyone who attends, leads, or facilitates online meetings; project leaders and individual contributors who have to coordinate and build alignment with people from different stakeholder groups.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Launch a meeting in a way that creates authentic interest
  • and the motivation to contribute.
  • Generate active participation and useful dialogue.
  • Share responsibility for the success of the meeting.
  • Win back attention and participation when the energy wanes.

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Learning Journey



Step 1

Self-Paced Orientation

Read the course overview, answer a few questions, and begin to focus your expectations on the upcoming webinar.


Step 2

Knowledge Acquisition Webinar
Instructors present a framework & tools, then show how to use them. 


Step 3

Apply Skills at Work

Return to work with assignment to apply what you’ve learned.


Step 4

Practice Lab

Share your experience, receive feedback and coaching from IA coach and peers. Demonstrate your skills and achieve results.

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