Webinar Series: Essential Skills
for Virtual Collaboration

In this live weekly webinar series, we'll provide tips and practices for collaborating in a virtual environment. Register for the final webinar in the series today.

How to Reach Agreements with Virtual Co-Workers

April 22, 2020 | 2:00-2:30pm, ET

People often leave online meetings or one-on-one conversations without knowing who agreed to what. Agreements and next steps aren’t written down. What happens instead? Some people don’t pay attention, some nod their heads in apparent agreement, or some simply disagree.

Reserve your spot at this 30-minute webinar to learn about how to:

  • Listen for and restate others’ opinions and proposals.
  • Advocate for your ideas to influence others’ thinking.
  • Reconcile differences to arrive at informed agreements and practical next steps.

Featured Speakers
Barry Rosen, CEO, Interaction Associates
Beth O'Neill, Senior Consultant, Interaction Associates

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