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Ever wondered how much those lengthy meetings are truly costing your business? Dive into the real impact of unproductive gatherings with our Meeting Calculator. Unlock strategies to supercharge your team's collaboration. It's time to transform meetings from time-drains to value-packed sessions.

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Improve Your Meetings

When interpersonal problems arise at work, many of us have been taught to address them by giving one-on-one feedback. While this technique is often effective, it isn’t always a perfect solution for conflict and behavior issues.

Effective Meetings Toolkit

Improve your meetings (online, in-person, or hybrid) with this toolkit that includes items like a meeting agenda toolkit, online meetings guide, and a a game-changer tool that will change how you plan your meetings.

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On Demand Webinar: Problem Behaviors in Meeting

In this webinar, we discuss six common problem behaviors and provide strategies to prevent them from happening and interventions when they do show up.

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eBook: Tame the Online Meeting Monster

In this ebook, we'll walk you through building the perfect meeting agenda, keeping people engaged, following through on next steps, and more.

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Facilitative Leadership®

Learn seven practices for engaging and empowering people to share responsibility, bring out the best in their teammates, and achieve mission-critical goals.

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Essential Facilitation®

Learn a proven method for guiding groups to their desired outcomes in high-stakes meetings, and with people who have diverse backgrounds and points of view.

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Mastering Meetings™

Learn tools and techniques for setting up, conducting and following through on meetings where you want to everyone to contribute

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