Leveraging Differences: The Next DEI Milestone

On Demand Webinar

How can my team or organization be more inclusive? This is a common question leaders are struggling to answer today. Solutions have been developed that help create a baseline for creating a safe, respectful workplace. This is great! But, how are we leveraging our differences in a safe and effective way?

We all come from different walks of life and bring a unique perspective to the table. We should leverage this in a way that allows us to be more collaborative and learn from one another. Yet, far too often this type of thinking is shut down or we may fear expressing our unique perspective.

In this webinar, we explore ways to leverage differences in day-to-day collaborative routines. We discuss how to use these unique perspectives to the benefit of the entire team and organization.


Learning Outcomes

  • Understand what it means to leverage differences and why it is the next performance milestone for HR leaders and L&D professionals
  • Discover practical methodologies to identify and capitalize on the differences among team members for enhanced performance.
  • Develop a plan for leveraging differences on one of your teams or on a multi-stakeholder project

Featured Speakers:
Davida Sharpe, Senior Consultant, Interaction Associates

Eve Keller, Director, Client Solutions & International Partnerships, Interaction Associates