Through the Looking Glass:
Expanding Awareness for Better Collaboration

On Demand Webinar

In our quest to achieve common goals, we often navigate complex collaborative landscapes that span from one-to-one interactions to multi-level organizational networks. In our navigating, we might lose sight of ourselves and how we collaborate. Yet, understanding and navigating our own habits and tendencies are crucial in helping us effectively work with others.

Do you thrive in groups or perform better in solitary efforts? Are you a natural born leader or are you more comfortable following directives? Are you an empathetic communicator or do you lean more on the data-driven approach? There’s no ‘right’ answer or ‘wrong’ approach – but your collaboration style can significantly influence how your collaborate with others, especially under pressure.

This enlightening webinar will guide you through the spectrum of self and mutual awareness that shapes collaborative interactions. We’ll offer practical strategies to enhance your awareness and exercise those skills in real-time. By understanding yourself as well as others, you’ll be better equipped to foster harmonious collaboration.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discover the types of awareness crucial for effective collaboration.
  • Understand common obstacles that can hinder the growth of collaborative awareness.
  • Build confidence by mastering collaborative awareness-enhancing techniques.

Susan DeGenring, Senior Consultant, Interaction Associates
Larry Rosenberg, Senior Consultant, Interaction Associates



Susan DeGenring
Senior Consultant, Interaction Associates

Susan’s mission is to facilitate the development of leaders from the inside out so they exercise the privileges of their power with conscious awareness, strategic intent, and build great work environments in the processShe has specific expertise in assisting leaders and teams to develop very practical interpersonal and process skills for collaborating across boundaries – functional, generational, geographic or psychological. She strongly believes that healthy collaborative work relationships power organizational innovation and success.

Susan joined Interaction Associates in 1990 as the manager of Product Development overseeing the development of some of IA’s flagship products including Facilitative Leadership and Strategic Leadership Skills. She also managed the transformation of IA’s product strategy for scale and broad distribution, catalyzing a decade of robust growth. More recently Susan has taken a pivotal role in transitioning IA from primarily face-to-face learning into the virtual blended learning environment.

Susan has built and led blended learning solutions deployed for thousands of managers and teams, including at General Electric, Celanese, Deloitte-Greenhouse, SECU, Citrix, Providence Health & Services, Southwestern Energy and Roche/Genentech

Susan is also the founder of StillMind Coaching Solutions.

Susan received a B.A. in Organizational Communication. She is a Board Certified Coach and Professional Integral Coach. She is also a certified Integrative9 Enneagram Coach. She completed a graduate internship in Group Facilitation at Stanford School of Business and has completed graduate-level continuing education programs in Authentic Leadership. She is currently engaged in study at Brown University to become a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction teacher and coach.

She is author of Tipping Point for Women Leaders, published in the October 2006 journal of Woman MBA.

Susan grew up living overseas, in South America and South Africa, as her father migrated throughout his career as a global executive. She learned four languages, taught English language immersion courses and has a passion for ongoing personal and professional development. She lives in Longmont, Colorado and enjoys all the benefits and beauty that the Rocky Mountain West brings. She has volunteered as a community member and facilitator for the Longmont Community Justice Partnership, a Restorative Justice program in her local community.

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Larry Rosenberg
Senior Consultant, Interaction Associates

Larry is a people focused leadership coach passionately driven to help change land softly and stick. He has a unique ability to embrace/integrate opposites; be visionary as well as pragmatic, be intuitive as well as rational.

Larry has over 30 years of experience facilitating impactful change in businesses, teams, and individuals. While serving in various roles in financial services, technology, and health care. He has become proficient with many of the methodologies used to drive/support change effectiveness such as leadership training and coaching, change management, and business process improvement.

Larry has served as a board member of Triangle's Organizational Development Network (TODN) in 2007 and 2016 and Unity of the Triangle from 2009-2011. He also developed "Leaders in Life" program to develop volunteers. 

Larry served as adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University from 1991-1995.

The certifications Larry has achieved include: Associate Certified Coach (ACC) from ICF in 2021, Brain-based coaching certificate from NLI in 2020, Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP) from Prosci in 2013, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (ICBB) from MoreSteam in 2013, MAS from Johns Hopkins University in 1991, BSEE from University of Maryland in 1987

Additionally, Larry completed a 200 hour Yoga teacher training in 2017. He practices Transcendental Meditation (TM) and Yoga daily to keep firing on all cylinders

Clients Larry has worked with include the following:

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • PPD
  • Citizens Bank
  • General Electric
  • Genworth
  • Builders Mutual
  • Fred Smith Company
  • Baker Roofing
  • Burdette Beckmann Inc.

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