Are You Listening? Techniques for Listening as an Ally

On Demand Webinar

Think of a difficult conversation you've recently had at work or in your personal life. Perhaps it was a political debate with a friend, giving feedback to a colleague, or having an argument with your spouse or child. Think back to the moment when the other person was telling their side of the story. Was it hard for you to listen? What thoughts were going through your head? Were you picking apart their argument? What were you feeling? Maybe you were so agitated that your concentration just slipped away.

Listening as an Ally is a communication practice that helps us to take a few steps back in these difficult situations and re-engage the other person with a clearer head and a more open heart.

In this webinar, we explore how to tap the power of Listening as an Ally, including how to turn an unpleasant interaction into a stroll in the park.

Specifically, you'll learn how to better:

  • Notice your feelings in stressful situations and how they guide your listening
  • Recognize the signs of a conversation about to go bad
  • Say the right things to lessen defensiveness and antagonism
  • Engage your curiosity and empathy to guide the conversation to safe harbor and mutual understanding

You'll also hear how IA's CEO coined the phrase "Listening as an Ally" in the 1980s and how the practice has become a core part of IA's leadership, group facilitation, and coaching programs.

The things you learn in this webinar will help you improve the quality of your relationships in every part of your life -- at work, at home, with your neighbors, and in social settings.

Featured Speakers:
Barry Rosen, CEO, Interaction Associates
Rachael Grail, Senior Consultant, Interaction Associates