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Coaching Through
the Crisis 

COVID-19. We're all in it together. 

Complimentary coaching for leaders responsible for maintaining workplace productivity in the wake of COVID-19

You are a leader with a long list of tasks and responsibilities. COVID-19 has added another layer of complexity and uncertainty. Do you have a decision in mind and would like another perspective? Coaching from an experienced colleague may help you come to the right decision and take timely action.

Here are examples of presenting issues clients have recently brought to their 30-minute complimentary coaching session:

  • Due to COVID-19, more people are working from home. We want to help them stay productive.
  • Our virtual meetings don't work very well. What can we do to fix them right away?
  • The crisis has surfaced generational and cultural issues. We want to face them without taking our eyes off the business.

What's your challenge? Pick a time in the calendar to schedule your complimentary 30-minute session with one of our coaches.




How It Works


Step 1

Complete the form on this page with your contact information.


Step 2

IA Specialist will connect with you and schedule your session.


Step 3

Attend your scheduled 30-minute session with the IA Coach

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Step 4

Face your challenge with confidence after your coaching session.

Coaching FAQ


How long is the session? 
Thirty minutes. That’s it. That’s all it takes to chat with an IA Coach and to help you better your business strategies, develop problem-solving abilities, and move mental barriers to success.  

What happens in the coaching session? 
Working better together is our main goal. We offer a variety of different coaching services that best suit your needs. Take, for example, our Brief Situational Coaching strategy. 

Using this framework, an IA coach will help you naturally come to a solution that works best for whatever problem or obstacle that may be holding you back. Whether it is team members who are struggling to hold each other accountable, or managers battling to develop the next group of leaders, this quick coaching session with one of our experts can help you break a logjam.

After a brief introduction and a person-to-person connection, we will focus on your issue and desired outcomes for the conversation. The coach will guide you through a short series of questions. Answering those questions will help define your challenge or opportunity. Then you’ll weigh the pros and cons along with a few options for making progress. At the end of the call, the coach may point to, but not advocate for, possible IA services that might help you or your organization. 

Finally, you’ll have an opportunity to share what worked or could have been better about the conversation. That’s it. And all in thirty minutes. 

How do I schedule a session? 
You can sign up for a complimentary coaching session by filling out the form above. Once you send the form, an IA specialist will be in touch to schedule your coaching session. 

Who will I be speaking with? 
An experienced leadership coach. 

Your coach will be an experienced IA Collaboration Consultant. That means your partner in the 30-minute conversation is a successful leadership coach, team consultant, trainer, and task-group facilitator.

Is this a sales pitch? 
No. This is a coaching call. The purpose of the call is to support you in defining your challenge, gaining perspective, and generating options for your next steps.

Why should you trust IA? Trust is THE key factor in successful business relationships. The IA Coach will not pitch ideas and services. If IA coaching or other services might be a fit for you or your team, the right next steps will unfold naturally. You’re in the driver’s seat.

What happens after the session ends? 
You’ll have greater insight into your situation and more confidence in taking a bold next step.

You'll enjoy better business sense and added leadership skills. What’s not to like about that?