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Today’s marketplace is a diverse and pulsing network of customers, competitors, ideas, talent, and employee expectations. Inclusive behaviors encourage employees – whatever their background and role --  to use their talent to increase customer value. How do you want to help company leaders nurture the creative web of collaboration?

Culture Consulting
You know your culture. We know something about culture change. With you, our consultants will complete a Collaborative Culture Assessment to help you define exclusionary patterns, identify positive trends, and build leadership support for change. Then we'll help you make high-leverage moves that shift day-to-day behaviors toward greater inclusivity and creative collaboration.

Skills Training
The action-learning program Teams in Action provides a common, collaborative language and toolkit for project leaders and team members. Virtual short courses are designed for anyone whose job requires them to work with people in other functions, regions, professions, and across other boundaries.

Leadership Coaching 
With a certified Collaboration Coach, you’ll define your goals to dismantle biases and unhelpful thought patterns, show respect for differences, and include a variety of people in collaborative problem-solving and decision-making.

Key Meeting Facilitation
Our experienced meeting facilitators will help you design and lead engagement discussions with senior leaders or survey feedback meetings. You can focus on the challenge at hand and trust an expert process facilitator to guide the conversation.


Dozens of companies have trusted Interaction Associates to help them build a culture of inclusion.

Expert Research

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“I work with many different consulting companies, and none of them makes it as easy to do business as IA does. They give me a solution that's right on target, and everything is handled smoothly — from the contract, to setting the dates, to preparatory meetings, to delivery of the work.”

Kathy Reddick, Director of Leadership Development
Fireman's Fund Insurance Company

“I was very impressed with IA’s ability to listen to and address the complicated cultural issues I was facing as an American opening up two new hospitals in China. I had a lot of confidence that IA was a good match philosophically, and would bring value to the leaders at New Century. Interaction Associates provided very practical, tailored, highly effective training programs to benefit leaders at all levels in the organization. "

Tim Chafin, Former Chief Executive Officer
New Century Women and Children's Hospital

“I have used Interaction Associates for over six years as a preferred vendor; and they use their principles of collaboration in every interface and interaction with you. They live their values.”

Sheila Babnis, Former Group Head, Project Managers

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