Michelle Robb

HR Manager | Boston Area

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Michelle Robb’s job is to manage all aspects of human resources for Interaction Associates. Her mission is to partner with our employees, providing support and guidance regarding benefits, recruitment, and performance management.

Before joining Interaction Associates, Michelle was the Human Resources Manager at Interaction Institute for Social Change, IA’s nonprofit professional associate organization. She also has 20 years of HR experience in a variety of nonprofit and for-profit organizations, and in a wide range of industries, including hospitality, telecommunications, software, music, environmental advocacy, and social justice.

She contributes her HR skills to a local nonprofit theater group that provides free public theatrical experiences that connect audiences with art, nature, and each other. She is also a certified yoga teacher and leads community classes.

Michelle enjoys helping people build agreements – present a proposal, check for understanding, and check for agreement. This IA practice applies to almost everything we do to build a firm foundation for collaborative action.

Michelle holds a Bachelor’s of Science from University of Massachusetts-Boston, and her Master’s of Advancing Studies (MS) from Boston College.

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